Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


Judgement reserved.


I’m actually excited for this although I am skeptical about what the result may be.

The self-titled album was the best he’s done in awhile. Hopefully he channels more of that raw energy and less of the overproduced, overthunk schlock like Cardinology and Prisoner.




Listen to a new track here:




Sounds like prisoner with same reverb and more shitty lyrics


At least we know his drum machine app still works.


I really like that song! :grin:




2019 brings great promise to all songwriters young and old who want to express the diarrhea of their vocal cords. Technology has come far enough that you could probably record all your albums on your phone with better production than on Heartbreaker. Singularity is on our side.


So when’s your album out?


Lol “Bad Colors.” Ryan should’ve just called it Paint By Numbers.


Kind of sounds like it could have been a quote from an art critic.

“This stuff is right out of the tube”.


The song sounds pretty good to me; I like the lyrics, though I do think the phrase “I miss my Doylestown girl” sounds awkward, but maybe that’s personal preference.

Looking forward to hearing the rest, but I do wonder why the punchiness of the drums is continually emphasized in the mix. I suppose that’s the 80s thing. Like others, I’m wary of the album cover (and title) of Wednesdays.


another new track called XS Manchester

Play XS Manchester


Nothing there, Bub.


should be able to play it?




Play XS Manchester


I listened to it in Dropbox. More fucking garbage.