Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


Now I’m just kind of trying to back track. Maybe I can trace the steps to the exact moment that his soul left his body.


Isn’t it though, what the fuck happened to him?


The deal is…he’ll maintain a healthy career due to all the wannabe star fuckers who dullusionally choose to believe that he can do no wrong.


I like it better than all of Prisoner, but that’s a pretty low bar.


I really like this tune too! Absolutely awesome with headphones on.:ok_hand::+1::robot::grinning:




Not liking Manchester really. I’ll give it more listens.


Anyone else notice track 8 on Wednesdays? Poison & Pain. I wonder if that could be a new version of The Poison & The Pain from Destroyer?


noticed that too.

time will tell but i loved that poison and pain on destroyer sessions.

anyways, here’s the new single “Fuck The Rain”


No heart. No passion. How many times is he gonna use the rain in his songs? I think you could probably make a DRA mix solely based on songs using the word rain.I think I’m just about done commenting on this guy.


That last single is probably the best out of the 3 so far. His voice sounds different in it for some reason, like raspier or something.


That is a really great question. How many fucking times is he gonna use the rain?

He needs to make an album on mushrooms so he’s not overthinking it.


Manchester is pretty good. But sounds like Love is Hell or Cardinals III/IV with 80s pop production. Not sure why he’s so stuck in that mindset now. Me thinks it’s his personal studio and all his toys.


I like Fuck The Rain best of the little I’ve heard so far. :umbrella:


It is impossible to fuck rain.


Speaks the voice of experience… :smirk:




I agree with LB, I like this one the most so far; I could understand the disappointment with newer releases not being quite as good as pre-2007 or so (at least that’s where I draw the line). I think something changed with the Easy Tiger release**; the lyrics are clearly on a different trajectory than they were in the “early” days. I don’t know if it’s that he’s run out of ideas, burn out, or just really trying to do something “new” that feels authentic to whatever his mindset is. I was getting pretty bummed out about the downfall of lyrical quality at some point, but I found that if I try to take the new music for what it is, I’ll find something like about it at some level. I probably won’t feel the same way about it as I did with say, Cold Roses or JCN, but it’s something. Plus there’s so many good artists out there that are delivering what I’m looking for (Jason Isbell for me, and the CRB, who I can’t wait to see this Saturday in Chicago).

I guess the short version of the ramble is, I think I’m finally getting over putting RA on some pedestal above everyone else.

** and yet, when I think about the individual songs on Easy Tiger and Cardinology, I like a lot of them, but something seems off about the albums taken as their respective collections. There’s a messy lyric here and there that throws it off for me.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble!



you mean, like a concertino or a murphy bed? oh my god, whatever, et cetera!