Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


Hey, fuck-a-you! That’s a great song!



actually, i do love the song but those lyrics always made me scratch my head.


Why? They make perfect sense.


I still stand by my opinion that 29 was the best of the three 2005 albums. The more removed I am from that year, the more certain I am. JCN seems kinda schticky and Cold Roses, even condensed to one album, wouldn’t be as nice as 29. 29 is awesome and my 4th favorite album of his.

Also, Cold Roses has “How Do You Keep Love Alive.” That fucking song is such a shit song. “Crushing them with flowers I would have picked for her on the day she was born” and “I would have held your mother’s hand on the day you was born” are so embarrassingly bad. Like, high school note to the first girl who touched your dick bad. I know the lyrics haven’t been great lately, but they aren’t nearly as bad as “How Do You Keep Love Alive.”


You’re wrong about everything but that wretched song.




But Cold Roses has “Sweet Illusions” so it’s a wash.


and cold roses has let it ride, and cold roses, and magnolia mountain


and i still stand by my opinion that JCN was the best of the 3
lyric wise, sound wise…it’s fucking wonderful.


Yeah, I don’t think it was overtly gimmicky. I think it was probably influenced by old school country pre George “Killed the Genre” Strait.


I’ve not heard any of the other tracks yet but is this really the best one you’ve heard so far?
I got as far as the “Fuck The Rain, All That Pain” line and couldn’t take any more.

Also, how many different limited editions is he planning on releasing for this record. I plan on buying one copy at a fair price and it won’t be the black vinyl version with exclusive 7" for 40 bloody quid.



but it also has “Life is Beautiful,” which includes lyrics about the uncertainty that your rose or house “come up.” Also, much to the delight of shitty needle point decorative wall hanging makers everywhere, he literally talks about making a house a home. That’s all in the same song! “Life is Beautiful” sounds like a song someone would turn into a committee tasked with finding the perfect song for a motivational speaker to walk to the stage to.


Is Cold Roses a jewelry store with a few Hallmark endcaps
is it a HallMark store with a few diamond cases?

Overall, I think it’s a net positive album. Really enjoying Nick’s commentary.


Damn, I forgot about “Mockingbird” which includes “I feel dead inside and dying.” Keep in mind, I am in no way a coroner or a doctor…but that’s not really how dying works.

“I’m sorry. We couldn’t save him. He’s dead.”
“I get that he’s dead. But let me get this right- you’re saying he’s hasn’t gone through all of the dying yet, right? Like he still has some dying to do”

Also it seems like out of nowhere Ryan made a concerted effort to make Cold Roses the album he mentions god, lord or the savior the most. It’s like he was about to have a sit down interview with Savanah Guthrie after a fuck up. I just counted 11 god shout outs or allusions. It’s weird considering he made two other albums at the time that don’t do that.


It’s definitely a net positive…but the songs that suck really really suck. My favorites from the album are “Sweet Illusions,” “Dance All Night,” “If I Am a Stranger,” and “Now That You’re Gone”


I’ve only heard fuck the rain and Manchester so far.


How many shout outs to “the rain”?


There’s also a drinking game in here somewhere.


a long time ago we did a comp of ryan’s “Bars, Moons, Houses and Roses”

All songs that he frequently brings those words up. We should add Rain to it


It definitely was. I guess compared to the albums on either side of that release, it seems almost like it’s pastiche for pastiche sake. Maybe I just view it differently now that I know this wasn’t really the “return to roots” album that it initially appeared to be.