Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


Who do you think he emulates then?


Thank you, sir!


I don’t really know what you mean. Like in regards to what?


so many that even Prince and Tay Zonday told him to tone it down a bit.


I’m not sure I was around these parts at that time, so forgive me if this was ridiculed incessantly back then…but…

can anyone tell me what “how do you keep love alive when it won’t” means? “When it won’t” what, “Keep alive?” I prefer my overwroughtness to at least make sense.

To be fair, I always thought the lyric “Loved you back then, but I couldn’t say when” would have been nicer if it was “Loved you back when, but I couldn’t say then” and “Cannonball Days” is in my top 5 of his songs.


pastiche for pastiche sake


I think there’s a lot there. But since 2005 we have heard him talk shit about the same country music that it seemed like he was channeling.

There’s this wrong idea about me being identified with things that are Southern or country. I do not fucking like country music and I don’t own any of it. I watched ‘Hee-Haw’ as a kid with my grandmother, I only like country music as an irony. I liked it when I would get drunk … I suppose playing country music felt like learning how to build a beautiful bookshelf or something. There was a certain amount of honesty that had to be there and it had to hurt. I loved the discipline of that. It reminded me of the challenge of playing punk rock. But me playing country music it was a false face. It was style appropriation."

Now 14 years after those albums came out, JCN doesn’t hold up (for me) like it used to. It all seems so affected. “A Kiss Before I Go” sounds like he was trying to make a crowd pleasing anthem. It just doesn’t click for me like it used to.

I can kinda compare JCN to Beck’s (of course) Midnite Vultures. Beck made a concept album that centered around a theme (sex) and sound (R&B). I think Ryan tried to do the same thing. Where the two differ is that with Beck’s album, you didn’t question the earnestness because there wasn’t any. With JCN, and due to his statements after the fact, I do question the earnestness. Beck has since distanced himself from that album (which is kind of dumb), Ryan has since distanced himself from the whole conceit and seems happy in making people feel dumb for ever buying it.


I love Cannonball Days!


“There was a certain amount of honesty that had to be there and it had to hurt. I loved the discipline of that. It reminded me of the challenge of playing punk rock. But me playing country music it was a false face. It was style appropriation.”

Ryan Adams never payed punk unless he means it was difficult for him to work out how to use a record player.


I love this song. I once was able to ask Ryan via RAA how he recorded that since he played everything. He does a mess of a drum fill at the end. It’s my favorite part.


I agree with that sentiment; after reading that, I was quite offended at the time – or at least, I felt like a kid who found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. As you pointed out, I basically couldn’t believe him when listening to those albums (Cold Roses, JCN, 29) as a result. I basically stopped listening to RA almost entirely for about 4–5 years. Then the recent albums came out, and I got back into it – finding bright spots in each the ST and Prisoner. Still don’t really listen to the old ones that much anymore, it’s clearly fake, and that still bothers me.

PS: Speaking of super dumb lyrics, what about Sink Ships? Trying to equate dating with filling out job applications? Certainly a viable comparison that we’ve seen in some dumb BuzzFeed list/article time and again, but it feels terribly forced. Or all of Natural Ghost – I still have no idea what he’s trying to say in that song. Natural as opposed to synthetic? And it’s a shame because the guitar in the bridge is quite good. And that one line in Everybody Knows, “… or whatever I was thinking about” – feels like a filler line that was a mental note that he should come back to that before finishing the recording session, but well, never did.


Yeah some of those metaphors are so bad and tedious that they play out like a network procedural


You rip “How Do You Keep Love Alive”, then say “Dance All Night” is one of your favorites. You’re crazy.


Haha. I know. But at least that song doesn’t mention the day his love interest was born on two occasions. “Dance All Night” isn’t lyrically perfect or anything, but it also doesn’t sound like it is trying so hard.

“HDYKLA” has always bugged me. I have listened to that album countless times and have probably only listened to that song like ten times. The “Rattles my cage” bit is nice, though. Sadly the rest is some of his worst


Totally agree.


That piano on HDYKLA…would love to hear him revisit that again on these new albums.


Indie music stores here in UK are also selling a blue copy for £18.99, which I ordered last night. I have also heard about a pink copy.

A mate from the old Ryan touring days sent me a message about Ryan’s Pinball Lair VIP gig tickets at £152.90 a pop!

My interest has been in decline since Cardinology and I don’t keep track of what he’s up to other than buying a copy of new albums when they come out but when did being a Ryan Adams fan morph into this. No one is forcing me to buy a VIP ticket or multiple copies of Big Colors but the Ryan Adams fan demographic must have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years.


It is difficult to reconcile the fact that a person who writes such emotional music (at his best) can be so profoundly hollow.


I’m interested to hear who his “amazing” band is going to be for his tour(s)?

If he does have a great band of veterans that can pull off a lot of different styles of music, it could be an excellent tour.


He mentioned Don Was. I know Benmont Tench played on the album. That’d be very cool if he was in the touring band.