Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


John Mayer plays on it too




Things that make me very hopeful but guarded. These jammy tracks could just get shelved. I have hope.


Had my first few listens of Fuck The Rain, the music is pleasant enough but lyrically it really is like he just doesn’t care anymore. Maybe I’ve changed over the years since he started out, I’m sure I have, but he really doesn’t reach me anymore.


He really gives no fucks.


kind of like neo-“classic” lines of “Push it up into a paper ball / let it go” from Anything I Say To You Now. The lamest line I’ve heard in a very long time.


Let’s face it, he’s always had some bad and tossed off lyrics. For some reason he was able to sell them better back in the day, or the emoting made up for it. Still there was clearly some kind of lyrical decline around the time of Easy Tiger which I think coincides with his production obsession and maybe his change in lifestyle. Remember when ET came out and people on the boards immediately said that Candilaro made it sound like a compressed tin can? I think Ryan started worrying more about producing in the studio than actually crafting the songs around then.

I mean his aesthetic and stylistic choices are largely dictated by production qualites now and ambiance created by equipment. I can’t think of another singer-songwriter that conceives of music that way. He’s always worn his influences on his sleeve but they seemed to be based more stylistically on songwriting or certain artists and now it seems to be largely production styles.


I saw him on CBS Sunday Morning today in a segment about Electric Lady Studio in New York. He showed up at the door, I think in 2005 or something at 5 AM and said he needed to record there - right then!


That’s an interesting observation about production style; now that you mention it, I can certainly see it. Somewhat related, he recently posted on Instagram just about all the album covers sometimes with insightful notes. For Cardinology, he said he “liked the demos better”. Looking back at the Foggy demos (and some will be finished songs on Big Colors), I would say they’re a cut below what the album was – perhaps more raw (well, they’re demos, after all), but the emotion was there, which I think was very much lost on that album.


Check out the Go Easy demo compared to the studio version. The demo version is way better, just makes me wonder how many other songs he does that with.


I bet you can fit larger things into his mouth and ass hole than would be possible for the average person.


His entire discography?


Part of me wonders if meltdowns like he’s currently having are strategic. He’s currently in the pre-order stage for a new album, what better way to draw attention to himself than go off on the New York Times and other media?


i saw that. kind of over this. sad sad sad.

what was it about the NYT he was talking about???



I mean that article is and should be a career ender for him or anyone. Will see how it plays out but it is not Fucking good


I thought everyone know he was doing that.


Oh boy.


Anyone want to buy my Ryan adams vinyl???