Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


I did not know that rock stars had to promise people career opportunities to get laid.


There’s NO WAY this didn’t happen. Did you read the text? His hesher brand of valley girl speak is his alone.


Have you never seen Ryan Adams? Or heard him talk?


I love the term hesher. It’s so west coast.

Also, butt rockers, for you PNW folks.


This is really gonna complicate his 3 album roll out.


He’s was begging for publicity.


Not this kind.


I know that’s why it’s so great.


The pre-order for Big Colors has been removed from the PaxAm site.


wasn’t going to listen to it anyways.

doylestown girl and fuck the rain.



Looking at it objectively… How did this not happen to Ryan sooner? Being a 20 year fan of his music (at least the stuff before 2007), I would like to be able to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, I just can’t. It seems to me (I could be wrong), that as soon as he got a little notoriety, he was trying to get as much top shelf/celebrity ass that he could. That spoke volumes to me immediately about the type of person he probably is.

The other thing & you all might think I’m a bad person for what I’m about to write. I feel almost no sympathy for his female accusers. How fucking naive can some of them be. “The promise of jump starting their careers”? They were kind of using him too. But, what amuses me is that Ryan has been kind of on the fringe & only marginally successful. How much clout in the industry did they really think he had?

They’re probably all shitty individuals just using each other in one way or another.




I think you’re way off on the women. I’ve known women in similar situations. You have no idea how they got to those places. You must have no idea how charming and charismatic assholes can reel you in and then you’re kind of stuck in a mind fuck.


If anyone is interested in my Ryan Adams CD’s or vinyl or memorabilia I have it all boxed up and ready to ship.


I’ve seriously considered mailing it to PAX/AM.


Do it and I’ll help pay for shipping

For reals


Love ya, bub.


Well, I guess he’s no longer waiting to derail. Mission accomplished.


I’ve decided I’m going to.


maybe only 2 albums this year . … . ?