Ryan is releasing 3 new albums apparently...


More than them.

No they weren’t. They were promised something that was on the merit of their work. Being told someone can further your career doesn’t imply that you have to fuck them.


Starting to look like zero


The thing is that is how Hollywood and the Music biz work. It’s all about who you know or the right connections. There are plenty of talented musicians and actors/actresses that never make it or get there shot because they weren’t noticed. When it’s someones passion to make a career out of their art they will sacrifice everything for a shot. It’s the perfect model for abusers of power to thrive and why it has happened for so long. So yes the women were naive but also were under the impression that Ryan was their connection to get them noticed. He’s obviously talented enough and at same time charming when he wants to be and a compulsive liar. The perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Being an asshole is kind of what made him famous in the first place. Why anyone would have believed otherwise and jumped in the sack with him baffles me…




Kind of difficult to call people that are 15 or 20 naive, or at least it’s unfair when the other person is 40. Some of the women closer to his age are piling on him now for being a shitty guy, but there’s no excusing messing with young people. I work at a college and have students around that age. So that stuff bothers me a lot. Repeatedly taking advantage of vulnerable young women is the sign of someone without a conscience. Mandy Moore complaining about their shitty relationship is less a concern to me but I understand that everything will come out at this point.


I absolutely agree with every word.


Christ. I would say most if his fans have known he can be a real twat for quite some time now. But, this is downright despicable. I’d like to say I was overly harsh in regard to his accusers in my initial post in this thread. I’ve become a cynical bastard over the years & would likely raise an eyebrow if I were in their shoes in that particular situation. I just thought that they would be at least a little suspicious of his motives. He has kind of earned a reputation for being an asshole.

Also, I felt a little guilty for immediately believing that Ryan was guilty of this behavior. So I tried to play devil’s advocate. It seems in the times we live in, the court of public opinion generally judges someone guilty until proven innocent in these situations.


I am an asshole. I’ve never done an of the things he’s allegedly done.


three cheers. pip pip hooray!


all good man.

we all get our say and opinion on it. doesn’t mean the wolf in all of us won’t come out and bite a little. that shit and ryan cock gobbling over at fbook RAA is downright repugnant. just blocked that group and left…too fuckin much for me man!!!


Honestly, that FB “RAA” is the worst thing that’s happened to RAA. This situation notwithstanding.