ryan shows



anyone here go or going to his upcoming gigs? I’m not…ever. but I saw some setlists from this last round he had…holy fuck…playing some bangers


Two shows are up on the Archive. AUD, but Don Was taped all the performances and the soundchecks for some kind of live release(s). Dunno if it is gonna be a Live After Deaf thing och Roadcases à la Wilco, though.

Personally, I am full when it comes to solo live performances. Just want him to keep on dishing out studio stuff from the vaults – he has hinted that some kind of Cardinals related release is in the pipeline next. Hope that the live stuff do not sideline that.


two of his new shows are relisten

his cover of springsteen’s racing in the streets is nice


I know someone who went to the Beacon show and thought it was great. One of the shows he played two of the newer albums in full, which would have upset me.


One of the shows had an incredible setlist. Think it was The Beacon. Like 34 songs and only 6 were after Easy Tiger.

I’d give that a listen if there was a good copy out there.

Agreed that a few would have upset me greatly if I was there. Not interested in self titled and Prisoner played in full.


All of a sudden I am starting to sound like Mr Negativity around here.


*Mr. Feelings


Living on a Prayer?


Did he play that in NJ??


He did. Come to think of it, it fits with the sound of the past several albums, although they sound even more like Richard Marx knockoffs to me.


Richard Marx > Bon Jovi


Richard Marx > Bon Jovi>Ryan Adams post 2005

Fixed that for you :rofl:



What a horrible musical genre to aspire to try to recreate.

I thought Rock&Roll was cute for about 1 day… then he’s basically used that Smiths/U2/Strokes template ever since to very little success in my opinion.


Good news, y’all. My seven year old girl says she likes"Oh My Sweet Carolina" and wants to marry Ryan Adams.


You are a horrible parent.


Oh I get it now, she’s his daughter! That’s a relief.


“May you one day carry me home”.


I knew it was a mistake to sign up for Rush Limbaugh’s correspondence course in pedagogy.


All this made my morning :joy_cat:


Better than Ryan Adams’s WhatsApp course in pedagogy.