Ryan Songs Revisited


Why Won’t You Give Me Halloweenhead


Doomsday (February 13, 2019; The NYT Article)


Anybody Wanna to Take Me Home (before i force someone to)


Theme For A Stalker


No LOnger Waiting To Derail


Empty Baseball Park (concert)


Love is Hell


Gimme something over 13


I see I am a monster


Harder Now That It’s Public


excuse me {while i whip my dick out and flash you on skype}
losering (patiently)
when the stars go neon cause you’re 15 and have them taped to your ceiling


Anybody Wanna Take Me Home So I Can Intimidate You Into Having Sex With Me Tonight?


Elizabeth You Were Born To Suck My Cock


everybody knows (I’m a piece of shit)
oh my god, can i see your ID (whatever, etc)
dancing w/ the underage women (not at a bar)
Go easy (i’ve never had a black cock in my arse) - prison acoustic version
kindness (not something i’m good at)
to be young (is to be 15, is to be 16)
damn sam (i love a woman that is young, impressioable and easy to manipulate)
sweet lil gal (very little) B-side demo prison acoustic jail cell version
my dick is harder now that it’s over
now that you’re 18 (prison demo ultimate sessions version)
somehow, someday gonna see you’re ID (just kidding, i don’t care enough to actually follow through, i’ll tell myself you’re 18 even though i know you’re not but hey don’t tell your mom)


well done (genuine golf clap)


Touch Feel, Felon
Crossed Out Fame
She Wants To Play Chutes and Ladders
These underage girls
Anything I Say To You Now Is An Excuse




Two (is a good age to start objectifying females)


“Argument with David Rawlings Concerning Morality”


“Blue Skype Blues”