Sammy Brue


This kid is really good. He had three self-released EPs before his first album was released on the New West Records label. I’ve had no luck trying to find these EPs. When all else fails, this forum has always been the best resource. Sooo…does anyone have these three EPs & would you be willing to put them up in the Drop Box? Thanks!!

Sammy Brue - The Ghost Of Woody Guthrie
Sammy Brue - The Bootleg Sessions
Sammy Brue - I Don’t Want You To Leave


I don’t have them (if you find them let me know as well!), but I’m also a huge fan, super talented kid. He just released a new single, and his new album is coming out in June. He puts on a really energetic show as well.


nothing on Orpheus except a 2017 single called Finishing Sentences.