So that guy wrote his best songs when we was using heroin and coke (combined and with other drugs) in his younger years and then in his later years wrote some stale 70s and 80s throwback albums while pursuing and abusing young women. The legacy of a degenerate scumbag. But he’s likable because he has a weird sense of humor and likes anything from Al Franken to the American flag so he can try to be cool with everyone. And we are bigger scumbags because we provided material support to his crimes for the years


Okay, but, what does this have to do with Sarah Silverman?


She’s a privilegedreptilian. Jews are reptilians.


Fucking wow.


grab your homies and head over to pax am for some more tiktok music vids.

those are classic!!!



WTF. Gay Gone Wild ova here





the photo shoot…the look on that lady’s face…

man, keep these up!

and i’m still waiting for you to interview ryan!


I’m thinking you’ve done horrible things.


I have done horrible things. I tried to burn down a movie studio



beautiful. you have the voice of angel that drank battery acid


I thought I heard Baffy around here a minute ago.