So I was shaving my balls the other day and ...


Now that I have your attention (sorry), I really want to change the name of this place. I really hate that it has a close association with DRA.

Anyhooker, Nick said that if I could get enough people on board he’d make the change.

So, I propose we creatt a new poll where we each suggest a new (serious) name change and we all vote on it. I think we should make it a rule that we all get one suggestion and when we’ve compiled a list we put it to a vote.

I did shave my junk the other day, btw. Don’t fucking know why except it’s fucking smoove and I pretty much mow the lawn every couple of weeks.



You lost me at serious. I think of this place as kind of a casual hang out where folks can share music, jokes (PC or non PC), warped views of the world, etc. But, if you want to name the board “”…I’m all for it.















Nice job guys. We’re getting closer.






I use the Manscaped lawn mower 2.0 on my nether regions. Here it is next to some wood so you know this is a man’s product and shouldn’t ever be used near neither majora or minora labia varieties.

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Srsly…the promo code is NICK?

That’s like a Toyota promo code being HORRIBLE FUCKING ACCIDENT.