So lets do some History ?


OK so, D/ Trump is going to be the 45th POTUS . AS much as some of us may wish other wise, I thought it might be interesting to write down thoughts here and revisit 3/4 years down the track.

You first.


I think he is unstable with a high probability of impeachment.

I think he will get us into a significant conflict to dodge impeachment.

There will be oil and mining on national park land.

There will be major investment in the military.

There will be a push to put BLM land back to states or sold to private investors. Not sure if it will happen or not.

He will try to defund/privatize PBS, and NPR but it will not happen.

ACA will be completely repealed and something almost exactly like it will be put in it’s place

401k, 503b, and other retirement options will get an initial bump and then will loose significant grounds.

The clean air and water act will be significantly altered.

There will be a big push for vouchers for private schools. It will back fire.

Hawkish republicans will start to work with democrats. Senator McCain and Grahm will make this happen.

Midterm elections will swing to Dems and independents.

The wall will not be completed and/or be funded by anyone besides taxpayers.

I hope I am wrong.


Oh and erosion of gay/diversity rights/protection


the 45th potus
the 1st POS


why will vouchers/private school backfire?


I think he’ll destroy everything the left or presumed left has ever insinuated enjoying but he’ll put just enough money in everyone’s pockets to coast.


I know this much - it won’t be long until the next mass shooting in the US. And Trump will use it as another excuse to tout his 'war on terrorism" . Sadly, there is an element out there that will take his fear mongering to heart, so expect more violence directed towards Muslims, or anyone who even looks like they are Mid Eastern. Trump doesn’t know when to shut his mouth or admit he is wrong, so I honestly expect the situation will get worse and there will be a lot more shootings and any attempts to make gun purchasing more difficult will be futile. I honestly was thinking of a trip to the US this year, but I’m going to give it some time.

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Ahhhh. You were whisperer.


No. Not by a longshot. Just a pale imitator.


Good, because I liked whisperer.


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-45th President of the United States


If vouchers/private schools backfire, then great. If they do well, then great!

At least we’ll have tried something different.

Yes, he’ll just slap his name on it, but it’ll be the same. Makes sense. Good observation.

Total creeps, these guys. They want a forever war.


I can’t decide if drumpf will be impeached or end up assisinated with his lack of trust/communication with the CIA and FBI.


Or have a heart attack from the stress.


I think the ACA will be repealed and absolutely nothing will take its place. Sad!


The ADA is likely going to be shelved too.


I heard the RAA was shut down too. Fuck that Trump guy!


In multiple states charter schools have been tracked and shown lower test scores longitudinally. Also they facilitate the devision of wealth/services down social-economic lines in urban settings, and lower income families will/have received less. When your middle to upper class you can utilize the voucher and your own monies to go to a private school. This depletes the public schools where poorer families do not have the extra funds to make the private school an option. This then diverts more funds away from the district. Similar to white flight in urban settings, but fiscally endorsed by the government.


From what I’ve seen the results are mixed, with some students performing better in Charters. I have doubts about how vouchers would work. The private schools may require more than a voucher is worth, but then a poorer student could use his voucher at a public school that is higher-performing than his/her district.

As you’re someone working on the inside, Bob, what’s a good approach to improving the school systems?

I don’t think spending more money will improve anything, unless we’re talking about making the bar higher for teachers and then paying them more. It might be confirmation bias, but a significant portion of my experiences with people who work in the primary school system has been poor. They seem to be the least organized and the poorest writers.