So lets do some History ?


Will you be voting for Elizabeth Warren, then?


She is not a real Indian. She can’t even prove an ancestor.


Tulsi Gabbard is half-Indian/half-Hawaiian.

Seems like she’d be a good fit, if we’re voting based on ancestry.


I don’t vote for socialists.

Hi everyone! (old member)

Bubba is doing fine. I put Donald in with my other bird Sheldon.


I read an article in a medical science digest that said people who keep birds as pets are 64% more like to enjoy that awkward moment when their finger accidentally tears through the toilet paper and slips into their anus.


I’ve never read a science journal on purpose but I believe this is probably true.

Incidentally, I had the toilet paper thing happen to me once when I was a little boy and we all know how that turned out.


The drummer from Def Leppard has more limbs than your family tree.




Jesus. What an embarrassment.


tremendous embarrassment. the absolute best. listen, we have so much embarrassment, frankly, we’re killing it and nobody does it better…



That was edited and fake news. Trump never mocked any reporter.


Don’t you ever get tired of reading fake news?


I get tired of reading you


Still waiting for the 2nd Amendment folks to declare the best way to defend Mosques is to give them more guns.


The 'Putin puppet' narrative was always liberal Benghazi. Trump's own policies debunked it:
- Arm Ukrainian rebels
- NATO buildup on Russian border
- US warships in the black sea
- Pressuring Germany to axe Russian oil deal
- Pull out of nuke treaty
- Syria escalation
- Venezuela

— Secular Talk (@KyleKulinski) March 23, 2019


I saw a stunning segment on John Oliver’s show about Charter schools, which covered the massive closures and close to zero regulation and oversight. It was shocking to me. But I also know that it’s a comedy show and meant to be sensational.

Later I saw a 2017 article from Harvard Ed that stated “Nationwide, while charters only educate 6 percent of the nation’s students, they regularly fill a third of U.S. News and World Report’s top 100 high schools.” This seemed unlikely, so I went and took a look.

Here’s a list

You can use the filter on the left (not sure how it displays on mobile) to only see Charter schools in the ranking. It’s astonishing that 3 out of the top 10 are Charter schools. There’s a slider so you can drill down on the rankings. I was able to drill down to 70 schools, and 14 of them were Charter schools.

I know this is a random place to pick up this thread.


My daughter taught at a Charter school in Arizona for several years… before realizing she could make a much better living as a waitress.

Pretty sickening.


I have started an online petition to rename those flaming bags of dogshit that Halloween pranksters leave on front porches to be stamped out by unsuspecting homeowners. I wish to name them: “Trumpster fires.”