So lets do some History ?


he probably doesn’t give a shit!





45 is going to resign soon, well before anyone can serve him with documents and say, “Sir, we do not have the votes.”

I honestly believe power wielders in the GOP are finally starting to show some morality, humanity and empathy. Some. Trump is only 6 defectors away from the real threat of impeachment AND prosecution. Recently, he doesn’t go a day without saying or doing something so out of character, so unbefitting of the office he holds. His whim and spontaneity are no longer manageable by his handlers. Dude’s fucking mental and the veneer isn’t starting to fade; it’s fucking bubbling up and exposing to the GOP what every-fucking-one-else has seen for months.

Bring on 46 and tell 45 to start packing his bags.


Wishful thinking. I hope you’re right though.

Pence, anyone for that matter, would be more predictable.


What’s sad is that we would be relieved with a predictable Pence. Pence is predictable, but he’s predictably bad (I’m from Indiana).

Trump won’t resign until he knows for certain that he’s nailed in the Russia investigation. Then he will resign and continue to say it was a witch hunt (it’s not).


Trump will get caught with his pants down getting his dick sucked by Jared Kushner.

Congress drafts impeachment of Trump.

Trump starts World War 3.



I’ve been watching Ken Burns’ Vietnam.

They do a pretty good job of telling their stories from multiple vantage points. As usual, the cinematography and music is very well presented.

As someone who lived through watching that war being reported on the nightly news, this series is a reminder of just how much of an impact those times had and continue to have on our society.


When I think of Vietnam, I think the modern day equivalent would be the war in Afghanistan, but with the draft.

That’s terrifying/unthinkable/retarded.


It really was the beginning of the press and American citizens questioning what our government was telling us… on a large scale.

Before that - and even during - people were shunned, bullied and even beaten for questioning authority.



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I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of rednecks cried out in terror.


Well…his bottom line is dependent on black folk. The rednecks who like the Cowboys? Conveniently forget that black folk are people too. And that their team depends on black folk.


I love this. I got a Twitter account just to follow him.


Installed the bidet. It’s fairly amazing. This is probably the only acceptable place I can share my enthusiasm about it.

The take-a-knee controversy is ridiculous. Having a debate about constitutional rights and patriotism at a football game of all places is laughable. Especially with the backdrop of the pointless war in Afghanistan and the very unpatriotic NFL, which is a tax-exempt organization that papers over sexual abuse, much like Trump and the Catholic church.


fuck football

for me i’ll put my hand over my heart and hum along to the star spangled banner…a great goddamn privilege to live here but i’ve never been too ecstatic about the corruptibility and shenanigans that go on in our govt and agencies…

fuck football