So lets do some History ?


I got off the NFL train several years ago.

I just can’t sit through those games. It is all entertainment, and you only get about one hour of actual entertainment in a three + hour broadcast, the rest is all commercials.

Players celebrate after every play… I think they should change the rule and let them take their helmet off while they celebrate. Show close-ups of the players faces while they are making fools of themselves. That would be awesome.

Maybe this will give the networks and excuse to not show the National Anthem on TV… which they’ve probably have always wanted anyway - YOU CAN SHOW MORE COMMERCIALS INSTEAD!


we recently found out about the Red Zone on Sundays. It is awesome. It floats around from game to game and only shows you when someone is in the Red Zone. no commercials. If you play fantasy football and are interested in seeing many games it is the way to go!

We were recording all the games and attempting to watch most of them with fast forwarding through commercials, time outs, etc. This is way more efficient!


What, this doesn’t excite you? (I agree by the way, just make the play and get back to the huddle or sideline)


I guess, but it costs money.

My friend brought up a good point about fans and what they watch now. It is much more skewed towards watching multiple games and teams because of fantasy football. Many younger fans no longer have favorite teams and don’t really care who wins or loses, they are just interested in how “their” players are doing.


I think we negotiated getting that for free when we redid our cable contract, bc we’re not paying any extra for it.

We still have our teams, but I agree that a lot of it is about the players we have on our fantasy teams. I’m in First place at my office right now!


I don’t watch football anymore because of the concussion stuff and how the NFL has handled it. I don’t mind the protests. It’s pretty brave considering how Kaepernik has been black balled from the league. I found it funny that people booed the Steelers for kneeling before the anthem Sunday. It makes you think the people that do have a problem with the protests aren’t pissed about the anthem afterall. Their problem is with social justice.



boy those puerto ricans really threw our budget out of whack.




Yeah, getting sick of everything related to the NFL. I support the player’s right to protest and bring light to inequality in this country, but everything else related to the league is garbage. Watching the Chiefs game the other night there seemed to be a serious injury every 15 mintues. As soon as the game started a guy was down on the field for 10 minutes. Rich white guys profiting off poor black players who destroy their bodies for life and aren’t even allowed to express themselves openly. I feel more and more ashamed to watch this sport every week.


Waves, I think you’re an intelligent guy. The thing about the NFL is if you are even the least bit informed, you have to turn off your brain and judgment to actually support it by watching it.

You sound turned on (your brain, I mean) to notice all these things about the NFL. I think it’s absurd people still watch it considering the CTE, the league’s cavalier attitude towards domestic abuse is so blatant that there is a Rape Roster, and the kneeling “controversy” a physical action Kaepernick (don’t care how to spell it) was actually advised about by a veteran.


I think its absurd that people get paid millions to play a kid’s backyard game. And teachers make shit money.


i tend to think their problem is with black people.


Supply and demand. If people didn’t continue to pay exorbitant amounts for sports, they wouldn’t be paid the way they are. Blame your fellow citizens for that one. Also, Mark Cuban was way ahead of the curve (again).

""I’m just telling you: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy.

“Just watch. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way. I’m just telling you, when you’ve got a good thing and you get greedy, it always, always, always, always, always turns on you. That’s rule No. 1 of business.”"


This is true but a lot of my friends and the people I work with watch it so I get sucked in. I’m much more of a baseball fan, but I like fantasy football a lot. There’s no excuse though. I’m trying to ween myself off of football. My life is boring though, when I’m not working at one of my two jobs sports are a nice release.


Mark Cuban’s NBA is worse. Totally unwatchable crap as far as I’m concerned… I haven’t watched a single game in years - and I’m a basketball fan.

The NFL is just about dead to me right now. I only watch maybe part of a game or two a week. I just can’t sit through all the commercials, injuries, reviews, timeouts etc.

As far as pro sports go, I love the NHL and baseball.

College and high school sports are my bigger interests, but they are kind of being ruined too.


Easy for Cuban to say when NBA is on almost every night during the season. There’s 100+ channels if you’re not into football. I don’t think over saturation will kill it. Game stoppage and advertising will. The injuries are insane but people watch MMA. I think the general population is numb. Funny to hear him talk about greed. He manages to present himself as an exception. Obviously smart but so full of it.


me too.
nhl and mlb for me as well. they’re not without their faults …my bias plays a big part in it and i guess i’m a hypocrite

also, the professional squash association is where it’s at! all those amazing matches of squash!



Disc golf and Squash.


I have The Squash Network (TSN) in my cable package. It’s all squash, all the time.
Best shit on TV!!!