So lets do some History ?


i’m partial to butternut and acorn

a pad of butter and a dollop of brown sugar



I’ll go as far as zucchini.


I’m actually very surprised you didn’t call it bustanut squash or something like that.


I prefer zucchini as well. I make it on the grill or mixed in with other vegetables to make roasted vegetables.

I have a recipe for a really great zucchini casserole where it’s layers of zucchini, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, little bread crumbs and butter. it’s so gooooood.


put mozzarella and parmesan w/ bread crumbs on anything and it’ll be amazing.

try it with canned possum next time!


I think once there is more historical CTE data, we’ll see that MMA is actually a lot safer than the NFL. There have been former NFL players who have entered MMA (see Herschel Walker) who say MMA is safer.

Ever had spaghetti squash, Inkster? It’s low carb, good muddled with pesto.


if you haven’t watched a single game in years how can you say it’s unwatchable crap?


love spaghetti squash


I haven’t. It looks pretty weird but I’ve heard it’s delicious. Might have to give it a shot.

I don’t know, the MMA sells itself with head shots. Look at any of their ads and that’s what you’ll get. Roundhouse to the head, elbow to the head, ground to the head.

I love the NBA. We lost our team and I’ll still watch.


I think the NFL could reduce head injuries substantially if they moved towards a uniform that closely resembled what rugby players wear. The helmet encourages using your melon as the tip of a spear.

Or, the NFL could just wear what the Lingerie Football League wears. I’m sure everyone would be gentler if they did.

Seriously, how are feminists not exploding because the LFL exists? Cam Newton? Srsly? That’s what you’re upset about!


Washington Post: Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous dossier outrage

When BuzzFeed published that now-infamous dossier of unproven claims about Donald Trump and Russia, in January, former Hillary Clinton campaign aides expressed outrage that news outlets that had obtained the dossier before Election Day did not make its contents public in time to influence voters, and Clinton later aired the same grievance in her book about the presidential race.

It turns out that the reaction of the Democratic presidential nominee and her team was disingenuous. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday night that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund the dossier, compiled by a former British intelligence officer, through a law firm hired to conduct opposition research.

The Clinton camp left out its own role in the dossier’s creation, as it ripped the media for sitting on information that journalists had been unable to verify. What Clinton and her advisers presented as their judgment that the media had made the wrong call was, in fact, their frustration at having failed to plant negative news reports before ballots were cast.



so sayeth the shepherd so sayeth the flock




I know this is Cannonball bait, but Trump ran on pulling out of Syria and other wars.

Now, we’re contemplating invading Syria or missile strikes.

Trump pulled out of the TPP and now we’re considering re-entering it.

Deep State. This is not exclusively a Tucker Carlson clip, but a Jimmy Dore commentary on it. You know things are fishy when these two guys agree.



I think you’ve told this chickpea joke twice. How about that DNC?

I understand the statute of limitations and wanting to investigate, but it’s going to be such a mess for Dems and not really help their chances of winning.

Also, there’s the slight hypocrisy

Donald Trump refused to say that he’d respect the results of this election. By doing that, he’s threatening our democracy.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 21, 2016


I mean what are dems supposed to do? Just drop it? How can you just accept the election outcome when the President’s own actions (firing Comey and considering firing Mueller) say he’s not innocent?

Also, keep in mind that Republicans were as hard on Trump as the democrats were when he said he wouldn’t accept the results of the election.


Develop an actual platform to beat Trump? They need some wedge issues and here are three that would nearly guarantee victory.

  1. Legalizing marijuana or at least moving it away from a schedule 1 classification
  2. Single Payer Health Care (I’m not saying it would work, it didn’t work in Vermont, but they could run on it)
  3. $15 minimum wage (personally I think this is a bad idea, but it would be popular and get the base energized)

Republicans ran on; building a wall (impossible), criminalizing abortion (impossible), and tax cuts (they did that).

I just see the Russia collusion as a lot of energy that could be diverted more productively elsewhere.


It’s been interesting watching the tweets from Kanye and Chance get ripped on because they are questioning conventional thought about who blacks should vote for and the narrative of oppression.