So lets do some History ?



While I don’t like people having to walk back their opinions, I get the confusion as to why anyone of color would side with Trump. It seems self-loathing. Why would someone vote for a party, and especially this fucker who has been reprimanded for housing discrimination against non-white people, that thinks so lowly of you? I do get why people would be confused how a guy who correctly said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” would side with a guy that said “there were good people on both sides” in regards to Charlottesville. I love Kanye’s music- a few of his albums have been some of my favorite albums of the past decade, but this is pretty mind-boggling. Plus I think it’s fair game to question anyone’s mental stability when they outwardly admit to loving this piece of shit.


The right can have Kanye, they’ll tire of him soon because he’s too off-kilter even for them. He’s a great artist but he’s become a bizarre media spectacle.

I really don’t give two shits about the Democratic party. It’s become clear they’re ruled by neoliberal corporatists. They’re only use now is as some kind of a half-assed firewall preventing the right from controlling every element of elected government. Until they bow to the more progressive wing of the party it’ll be the same BS. I’m more interested in Bernie and anything involving the DSA. But of course I’ll grudgingly vote for Democrats when I have to. GOP is sealing their own fate by always and only appealing to their shrinking base. Doesn’t mean Trump couldn’t be re-elected in 2020, but I think the media saturation alone will probably turn away enough that any name democrat can get in office.


I don’t think there’s anything Kanye won’t stoop to for publicity. I like his music but he’s a drag.


So, you already sound like a fan of the Jimmy Dore show.

Hope so, but the media has also cemented his position as the foil to the elites that is more truthful and folksy. His base love that. I just hope there’s no more identity politics, because the scariest section of society will inhabit that space and it won’t be pretty.


Agreed, but has his base grown at all? I’m not saying it’s shrunk much, but who has he gained while in office?

I really hope Bernie runs as a Dem again but it seems like the DNC is probably licking its chops for a Biden or Kamala Harris run. Both parties are pitiful though. GOP stands for nothing but power, lobbyists and fake traditionalism. And DNC is just mealymouthed general social policies and really regressive views on corporate influence. Politics have somehow moved to the right over the past 10 years, while I think the majority of the public is much more moderate or even slightly liberal.


There are no more moderates. You have to stand lock-step behind every single red flag issue your party throws out a stance on, or else you’ll be kicked to the curb.

What the politicians show to the public is just a bunch of slimy posturing for the camera… their real work is done behind closed doors with their buddies the lobbyists - and that’s even more slimy.



exactly dougo. i wholeheartedly agree


It kind of cracks me up because I’ll see people mentioning their political views as “centrist” on dating sites and I’m like who the hell would describe themselves that way? Let alone someone that hasn’t even reached middle age yet. Agreed that we’re more polarized than ever but some of that is the product of the two party system. Politics are a binary for most people.


If you look at polling it shows that people share less mixed views on both ends of the spectrum, but in general Americans are more socially liberal now than ever. Which I guess is what the DNC thinks they can capitalize on without actually addressing wealth inequality or the insanely regressive tax policies of the GOP.

I think part of the issue is that more and more people live in urban areas, but the relative influence in Congress and state legislatures is not reflective of that. Part is due to gerrymandering but part of the political system just seems to favor out sized influence from smaller towns and rural counties.


Which is why I just stopped caring about politics altogether. Left, right, middle, they’re all the same to me, not worth my time.


I’ve been sliding down this slope as well, but I do care what happens to my country and the world around us.

The notion that many if not most Americans feel at least somewhat like this probably had more to do with Trump being elected than any amount of “election rigging”.

The thinking that “he’s not like those other politicians” played in his favor - and his continued political incorrectness and tweet storms have doubled down on that.

The problem is he’s such a terrible person, and even worse than all the other slime balls in office.


It appears the hiring of Rudy Giuliani is already paying off.


I get that people get sick of politicians. Not caring is something else, though. Nothing good comes from apathy. Apathy is how you get someone like Trump. He made people that are fed up with politicians listen to his monosyllabic bullshit. Be loud and vulgar and no one will care about the truth because they don’t care enough to check.


nah. i slightly disagree.

i think that undercurrent of racism and machismo puffy chested blow hard front porch sittin old school stuck in the pre civil rights era scum bags were always there…they were not apathetic…a moronic racist came a long and they rolled w/ it. from their perspective, they’re in the right…they’re in their time now…

Austrian novelist Heimito von Doderer said:

"Even the most impossible persons who do the most unforgivable things possess substantial reality; from their points of view they are always right – for let them only doubt that and they are no longer such impossible persons. And we must pay close heed to those who play such ungrateful roles, for these roles are indispensable. It is no small thing to be a monster or a spiteful idiot, and in the first case to think oneself beautiful, in the second a highly intelligent person. Such characters must be represented. Some one has to do it.”

i’ve been sick of politicians since i can fucking remember. i’m not as informed as i used to be…ignorance is not bliss…i am less informed today and i’m just as sickened or disgusted by politics and business as usual.

i’m not apathetic…i’m just tired and i’m just numb


Let me ask Trump haters this…what has changed in your life since he’s been in office? What has changed in almost anyone’s life since Trump took office? I’m really asking, because in my life, and the people around me, I’ve literally seen zero change, good or bad. For all the fear and loathing over him taking office, this world is still function more or less as it did before. I’m only one person, and if someone here has examples, I’m open to hearing (reading) them, but my point is, Obama, Trump, or John Doe in office, nothing really changes, and people get way too heated about things that have yet to happen and probably never will (how’s that wall coming along? How’s that shutting down Guantanamo Bay coming along?).


The biggest change I see is with all the outrage over trump - people that have not largely been involved in protests or political activities.

I see that as a good sign that people are more involved as a whole and are thinking much more about how and who we elect. I don’t see that changing anytime soon either. In a weird way apathy has been more or less abandoned by what seems like the majority on both sides.

The polarization of our sources of “news” is another huge change. Even though the bias’ that exist have been there for a while now, everybody is now aware of the slant of their favorite news sources.

I think as a nation we are much less trusting of our government and the lobbyists who apparently run it.


I’d probably pay more attention to news if there was just a station/newspaper/anything that gave the facts of the day, without opinion, and let people decide for themselves. The problem is wading through the endless BS to find it though.


Well here’s one change, people are losing manufacturing jobs after the tax cut. And workers are mainly feeling the effects of these regressive and shortsighted Trump tariffs and his “trade war.” Meanwhile, stockholders and the wealthy are making more money. In fairness, most of the horrible policies Trump is enacting would’ve been virtually the same under any Republican potus though.


Sums it up for me.