So lets do some History ?


I don’t know if we need a Democratic front runner so soon. He/she will just get trashed the longer they’re out there.


Republicans who support Trump are in line with his nonsense, but are you expecting them to vote for anyone else? Trump won because of the people in swing states who didn’t like either candidate. They went heavy for him in the end (something like 60-70%). If the Dems can’t trot out someone even mildly more likable then him then they need to give up. Agreed it’s too early too worry much about that though. Give it another year.


Dems need to have a come to jesus moment soon and accept that Bernie or some ticket including Bernie is their best option. That’s if he decides to run and as a democrat. I don’t like Corey Booker or Kamala Harris that much, but they seem to be leaning towards one of the two. A ticket with Sanders and maybe Booker would be decent to me. But it won’t happen.



and sorry, not sorry, but if Johnson runs again, i’m fucking voting for him.

people that say Trump was gonna was the swamp …can you imagine what johnson would have done?


Yes, the DNC will make sure it doesn’t happen.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) adopted a new rule on Friday aimed at keeping outsider candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) from trying to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

The new rule, adopted by the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, requires all Democratic presidential candidates to be a member of the Democratic Party, Yahoo News reported.

A presidential candidate running for the Democratic nomination must be a member of the party, accept the Democratic nomination and “run and serve” as a member
Source: The Hill


Not a huge difference between NeoLibs and Swampy Conservatives.

Gary Johnson? Hoping him and Bill Weld trade places this time.


i like johnson

way more than hilary, bernie, or fucking trump


balv just said he likes “Johnson” heh heh heh heh…


Hey, I take it all back. Your prez is a genius. He figured out that whole scam where Canadians buy new shoes in the US, scuff them up and then not pay duty upon returning home. We’re worse than fucking terrorists I tell ya. Rest easy now America. The Canadian threat has been turned back. USA! USA!





Pot officially legal country-wide later this year. Just sayin…


Except Quebec, which is evidently a different country (again).


God the DNC is horrible. They’re alienating so many people under the age of 50 that should be their next generation of voters.


Big win for Ocasio-Cortez in NY primary. She’s a Democratic Socialist. Only slightly numbs the sting of Justice Kennedy’s announcement though.


She’ll be a good example of how the right (and some left) will try to dismantle her.


Yeah it’s already started. Establishment dems are about as bad as the GOP anymore, only out to maintain power and the status quo for the wealthy/political elite.



🌹 Abolish profit
🌹 Abolish prisons
🌹 Abolish cash bail
🌹 Abolish borders#AbolishICE

— New York City DSA 🌹 (@nycDSA) June 29, 2018

Waves, WTF is going on with Democratic Socialists of America?


All sounds good to me. One candidate wins a primary and the media starts shitting itself. People forget this has been building for awhile since at least Occupy Wall Street.


Reads like the left wing’s version of the Tea Party.

I heard Cornel West interviewed and he explained some if it, mainly the prisons and borders part.

Abolish Profit - How does this work? If you’re self-employed or know anyone who is, ask them how they feel about this.

If they are saying that banks or corporations should limit corporate profits, then that needs to be explained.

Abolish Prisons - I can get behind decriminalizing drugs, but if the left thinks that murderers and rapists don’t need to be contained somehow, then, well, they are mistaken.

Abolish Cash Bail - Is this one plank of a hopefully more comprehensive prison reform?

Abolish Borders - Did you happen to catch the story about people in Oakland protesting an ICE raid, which resulted in ICE breaking up a human trafficking ring? We need SOME border enforcement.

I think there might be some sensible ideas within these dramatic statements, but if this is the platform that Democrats run on, well, Trump has the wheel until 2024.