So lets do some History ?


Well Trump won on an extreme platform, why not? I don’t think conventional politics matter at this point. Swing for the stars.


First time I’ve heard some of that in relation to the DSA. Probably have to say I’m more in favor of ending for-profit prisons and reforming the Prison Industrial Complex. And changing the cash bail system so it doesn’t allow the wealthy to buy their way out.

You and I both know the DEMS aren’t running on anything close to this. Stop being obtuse.


DSA is more universally focused on Medicare 4 all right now. But yes there are some more extreme positions within the party and some folks are admittedly even further to the left of being socialists.


Yeah, it seems like they’ll run on “We must stop Trump. Don’t ask us what we stand for”


campfire banana boats anyone?


For reals?


Those look good. I’m not big on cooked bananas, only raw. And I like them when they still have a little green on outside.


Kind of like a Montanan Banana Foster. Eh?

Camping with Balv must be epic.


I’d go off with Balv on a fishing trip and I don’t even fish!


Took the kiddos, wife, and my eldest nephew camping and backpacking this weekend…had some truck issues 40 miles in…had a buddy come grab us, the gear and dog and hopped in my other truck and went to a new lake…got back on the road at 9:30 pm and then to a campsite and to bed around 2 am :slight_smile:



The Double Haul IPA seems remarkably appropriate.


I thought Balv was more of a Pils/Kolsch type guy. Looks dreamy, Balv. I could use more camping therapy.

WaPo’s list of Ranking Top Democratic Candidates for POTUS 2020


i’m definitely more pils/kolsch guy

double hauls are my camp beer …i usually bring 4-6 tall boys …two for each dinner at the lake :slight_smile:


Trump meets with Putin and our “So let’s do some History” thread is about camping beer.



waiting to derail. . . . . .


we head out 8/16 again and then labor day

come on out


As damning as the Mueller’s indictment is of the 12 Russians and as bad as the Putin meeting was, I feel like each scandal is a lottery ticket and the Democrats are wildly addicted to the scratchers, which have a 1 in 600 million chance of Trump getting impeached. Instead of building a platform that is different/dynamic and focused on being inclusive to all (not just marginalized groups), the dems/DNC are just heading to 7-11 every day and hoping for that dream impeachment.

Balv: Do you have strong opinions on coolers? Is the YETI the only true instrument for keeping beer cold for 72 hours OR are there other challengers (RTIC, etc)?


What is the ABV of that balv? Have the sour beers caught on there? I thought the Trump/Putin thing went well. Trump speaks very concisely, stays on topic. Great trip all round!


sours have caught on…i was hoping they’d be the new ipa, but no one really goes out of their way to get… …i do though :slight_smile:
double haul is 6.5 abv and 65 IBU’s :wink:


trump rhymes w/ dump.

Ely: i do have strong opinions. YETI’S are a fucking racket…and scam. buy the affordable versions of roto molded coolers and you’ll be good to go.

for example:

RTIC is an awesome brand of coolers and i’d put it up to the test of yeti any day…i do know there is a side by side comparison of the two and rtic matched or beat yeti in all but one dept…CUSTOMER SERVICE…but rtic doesn’t have customer service because they work only online

the walmart Ozark trail is a good option too…i think you’re best bet is RTIC…their hard coolers and softpaks are fucking tits and i own two of em …45 in roto mold and 30 in a softpak and i own a 65 from Mammoth coolers…love those things but i hate the latch system on it.