So lets do some History ?




Truth isn’t truth. You guys kill me.


hey. don’t blame us. we hate assholes as much as you do.


Not blaming anybody, but he is your asshole.






Could be worse. You could be Hilary.




Right on.


Trump is a gift to Democrats, but they are still too busy reading the warranty information to realize it or capitalize on it.

I wish the Dems would start “primarying’” candidates for not being far left enough.

I saw that Ocasio-Cortez is coming out for Cuomo after he told lies about Nixon (the actress, not the dead ex-president).




Eh, I still like AOC a lot but that’s shitty if so. Nixon didn’t have much of a shot. Cuomo is too rich and has too much influence already. Winning a House nomimnation/seat is a little bit different that winning a state gubernatorial nomination. She screwed up when she alienated the subway workers right out of the gate. Bad sign for a quasi-DSA member to not even get union support.


Made the mistake of listening to the Kavanaugh trial on the way home.

Led me to an Urban Dictionary of Devil’s Triangle

I would LOVE for an 80 yo Senator to cite Urban Dictionary in a hearing.
A threesome with 1 woman and 2 men. It is important to remember that straight men do not make eye contact while in the act. Doing so will question their sexuality.
Larry: Did you hear that Eric and Brian were in a Devils Triangle with Sarah last night?
Brad: Yeah man, I did, what homo’s.
Larry: No man, its cool, they didn’t make eye contact.
#threesome#menage a trois#sex#threeway#orgy



This is the best


Guess what?


Chicken butt.