So lets do some History ?


This was from a gathering of black conservatives at the White House, led by Candace Owens.

The GOP is REALLY white and you always see these “Look at how diverse our interns are” selfies from Dems to highlight it. This seems like a rebuttal photo from the GOP.


He looks like one of those divers that gets his picture taken with sharks swimming all around him.

The incredulity, fear and lack of ideas about what to do just jumps off of his face.


did you hear her interview w/ rogan?

not impressed w/ candace owens at all.

just run of the mill staunchly set in her ways and thoughts that “trump can do no wrong and neither can the republican party.”

at least that’s what i got out of it.


Have you seen those GOP ads? Holy shit!


Yes, I saw it. She’s young and clearly hasn’t thought about the issues deeply.

However, I think black people have a right and cause to be disappointed with the Dems, but sadly there isn’t an alternative party they can go to, aside from the GOP.


fuck. get in line then i say. i’ve been disappointed for years …

two sides of the same coin…cept trump’s side is really fucking racist and ugly and sexist. GRAB EM BY THE PUSS!


Like it’s to the point where I don’t know how anyone could argue that Trump isn’t racist. And honestly, I don’t know why they aren’t just owning it. They have mobilized these shitheads, why not just go with it?


i know. i argue w/ my friends that support trump. and i’m just like how to do you have a daughter and support and agree w/ this piece of shit???

“oh, well he’s good on economics.”

no he isn’t…his numbers/info are pumped up just like the rest of the presidents before him. trump pumps his own tires repeatedly …verbal masturbation at its worst. oh plus. HE’S racist. and then i say at the very least he’s a divisive and insensitive jerk face that belittles the disabled, makes fun of women, rapes and gropes women, he’s the epitome of baby boomer gone wrong in a world of shitty baby boomers.





I’ve only ever voted for president before. But shits so fucked up I figured I’d try to do what I could!


Did u vote for Bart Simpson?


Man, fuck our states, @Monkey

Yours hurts worse though


Beto in 2020. Maybe his loss will be the good guys’ gain


He’ll run.


I see him making a run
He’s relevant and viable and a breath of fresh am I right for the dems

Although I’d throw a vote to booker or warren


It’s dispiriting. There’s a kind of perverted symmetry that everything that motivates the democrats to vote against the GOP also motivates republicans to vote for the GOP.


I think it is a good thing to see so many people actually caring about politics in our country.

I blame/credit Trump.


The biggest upset for me was Kemp/Abrams gubernatorial race in Georgia.

During his campaign Kemp occupied a position that oversaw election activity/voter registration. Normally a candidate would step down from this position to avoid conflict of interest or appearance of fuckery.

He didn’t. That was my experience of rural SW Georgia in a nutshell. Unprofessional people in positions of power, completely unaware.