So lets do some History ?


This is happening in my area, but the vouchers are being used at Christian private schools. So much so that the schools now advertise on TV competitively.

That wealth issue and Jesus bullshit are stepping on my dick.


I read that last sentence before anything else in this thread, and I think I’d rather just ignore all context and enjoy it as is.


It’s an obscure line from a Wiggles song.


Donald J Trump has lived a privileged life and is in way over his head. I will be surprised to see him make it through 2 full years without an impeachment.
I give him a year and a half max before he gets kicked out of office and shames himself, his family and this country.
What a blurb in the history books will that be! :smile:

impeach = Usage Note: When an irate citizen demands that a disfavored public official be impeached, the citizen clearly intends for the official to be removed from office. This popular use of impeach as a synonym of “throw out” (even if by due process) does not accord with the legal meaning of the word. When a public official is impeached, that is, formally accused of wrongdoing, this is only the start of what can be a lengthy process that may or may not lead to the official’s removal from office. In strict usage, an official is impeached (accused), tried, and then convicted or acquitted. The vaguer use of impeach reflects disgruntled citizens’ indifference to whether the official is forced from office by legal means or chooses to resign to avoid further disgrace.




We are just completely and totally fucked, people. The Antichrist is here.

And the exact same people who told me to get my affairs in order because these are the “End Of Days” brought this to our doorsteps. I am finally and thoroughly scared for my child, my country and my species. I’m not looking forward to our Ape Overlord’s rule.


I see this as the “testing the checks and balances” phase.

Grimmy: Any comments/suggestions about the education system?


two words.



No wonder you’re so bad at haiku.




not a haiku


If today’s vote is any indicator, we’re screwed.





That stupid nazi that got punched in the face lives in Montana. NO THANKS.


Ely, I’m hoping you’re more concerned than you last post indicates.

Bannon is way too involved and that’s terrifying.


Yeah, I think the offices of the alt-right movement are in Missoula.

Coincidence? Doubtful


I seem to remember everyone on the right saying the same thing when Obama won, yet here we still are, the world hasn’t ended. Just like it’s not going to end because Trump won.


Well, that’s because the Obama Presidency wasn’t trying to bring about the fucking end of days.


That wasn’t my point. As soon as Obama won, people were having the same reaction, regardless of what was to come after the election. Whether Obama was a good President is besides the point, either way doomsday never happened, WW3 never happened, and it’s not going to happen with Trump.


I knew exactly what you were saying.

My post was funny and honest.