So lets do some History ?



It’s that time again…


can y’all believe jim accosta grabbed that lady like he did.


so, they get mad at him for being fake news…then they release fake news about it??? PIECES OF SHIT. THE WHOLE LOT OF EM


Jim Acosta is ridiculous, though.



but …


My favorite part of the whole ordeal is that Sarah Huckabee tweets a doctored video (from Infowars, nonetheless) to prove her point.


That’s what I was getting at

Fake news about fake news

Fuck trump


I guess there were some victories for the Dems that seemed inevitable, but maybe not the groundswell many hoped for. Large gains in the House, but marginal loses in the Senate. We’ll see how these recounts turn out in the south.

Might’ve flown by everyone’s radar nationally, but big gains for Dems in Kansas. Brownback’s depleting of the infrastructure led directly to a bunch of Dem wins for Gov. and in the house. A Native American lesbian (and former MMA fighter) won a local district here outside of KC. Pretty shocking in Kansas although I would say the state as a whole isn’t as backwards conservative as it usually gets credit for being.

The sad fact is that most Republicans have just hunkered down and don’t care what Trump or the party does anymore. But I think the gains in suburban districts should be encouraging, and what happened in Kansas is probably freaking out the GOP right now. Now the Dems have to actually try and get some things done besides just endless investigations of Russia gate. How about give us some fucking actual policy? Like some decent health care?


the only thing good about Kansas was “dust in the wind”


I live on the other side of the state line in Missouri, so I wouldn’t argue much. But Kansas the band sucks.


Waves is becoming one of my favorite commentators on politics.


I read a NYTimes piece about how democrats don’t know how to craft a message to convert Trump/Independent/Disaffected voters to consider a dem candidate.

Start with questions like; why do you think immigration is such an important issue? and then address their concerns.

Go down the whole list of talking points (abortion, taxes) and address their concerns and explain how their policy is better (contraception availability means fewer abortions, etc).

This never happens and maybe it’s too idealistic, but I’d like to see an actual conversation/debate.

Dems seem to just go the opposite direction as republicans in a knee-jerk way (and vice versa) without considering the concerns of others who are in the middle or independent.


just wait till i come back in full force w/ huge walls of text from the desk of ron paul! the good ol days.


Do you still have this on your lower back or did you get it removed?


it’s on the left lower inner thigh.


What is?



my wall of text tat


I’m excited about AOC, and Pelosi being pushed to the left a bit at least on combating climate change and such. I think the party will be dragged to the left a bit between now and 2020 (I mean it already has, since Medicare For All alone is being taken seriously). Its entertaining to see policy actually being put forward by AOC or Bernie and it’s initially ridiculed as unrealistic then quickly become actual policy goals for the broader party. Again, it all depends on whether any actual platform or policy wins over some folks in the next couple years. The #Resistance people and affluent suburban folks need to take more of an interest in things besides Trump. We need their support for Medicare for All, some solution to student loan debt and fundamental changes to climate change/energy policy.


Dems haven’t learned much.



Over half the country doesn’t know what intersectional means and if you explained it to them, they’d think you were using reverse racism and/or bigotry.