So lets do some History ?



Omg. Seriously?!?!? What a dumbass.


Kamala Harris
Elizabeth Warren
Tulsi Gabbard
Marianne Williamson
Pete Buttigieg (first openly gay man to run)
Julian Castro
John Delaney (not the comedian)

Women are outnumbering the men.



Donald Trump is our greatest President !


he really is.
he has it all and he has done it all…i don’t think there is much more he can do for mankind…he gives so much and is in touch w/ the voice and voices of america…he’s sensitive and his patriotism knows no bounds.

here’s to a bright and sunny 2020!!!


Hi, Meade.


He’s also exceptional with women.
Love that guy.


Hey, Meade! Glad you found your way here. Nice avatar. Staying on brand and that


Ah fuck. Go away. Go sip some juice and sit under a shady tree or something.


Praise jebus he comes to save us from all the dirty brown people of the world! Any new youtubes about your parrot?


Women should not be in politics. They shouldn’t vote either. Women don’t vote very well.


Where is the lonely parrot?


Meade looks like Horatio Sans in white face.


Which women?


I have Native American ancestry.


If that actually meant something you wouldn’t be the person that you are now. You’d actually be sympathetic.


Will you be voting for Elizabeth Warren, then?


She is not a real Indian. She can’t even prove an ancestor.


Tulsi Gabbard is half-Indian/half-Hawaiian.

Seems like she’d be a good fit, if we’re voting based on ancestry.