So lets do some History ?


Moderate voters win the election. That band in the middle that always sways with every voting cycle.

Sanders ain’t gonna pull them. A reasonable but strong-willed middle of the road person who doesn’t take shit from Trump could. But that person hasn’t appeared yet.

No matter what I may want, healthcare for all as a promise will not win this election.


I agree, but when did the last middle-of-the-road democrat win via electoral college or outright with the popular vote?


I consider Obama middle of the road.


He ran as an aspirational/progressive, but then governed as a centrist.


Moderate voters didn’t decide the election last time…It was working class folks. They swung to the right in Michigan, Penn, Wisconsin because they were tired of the Dem party not doing anything for them and Hillary assuming she had them in the bag. We already know how moderate suburban affluent voters will vote each time, for a centrist. This is the same miscalculation that swayed folks right last time. All of Sanders policies are broadly popular with middle America as well. Continue with this line of reasoning and the Democratic party is going to lose the working class vote for an entire generation.


The right lean of the working class has been coming for some time. But ‘Joe Six-pack’ didn’t pull them last time (McCain). The center leaned left.

But losing the working class? Dems dug their own grave on that one.


This is scaring the shit out of me:


I agree.

Once backed in a corner it is scary to guess how he will respond, and more importantly how his followers will.