So lets do some History ?


He must be forgetting when people were yelling ‘socialist’ at him at rallies.


The right calls every democrat a socialist. Not sure that’s a good measure of actual ideology or policy. Obama was a centrist who used identity politics and progressive posturing to win. Maybe people thought they were moving left slightly in 2008 but there shouldn’t have been any misconception about who he was by 2012.


I think you are overthinking this. It frankly doesn’t matter what his policies were, because perception is reality. I’m sure many people were yelling ‘socialist’ at him because their talking heads told them so, and because they couldn’t get away with yelling the obvious slur without losing their righteous stance.

Quick quiz:

  1. Who is left and who is right between Obama and McCain?
  2. Who is left and who is right between Obama and Romney?

Bonus: Who will win the next election–a Democrat (leftist), Republican (Trump) or a religious conservative fiscally right wing but socially liberal third party candidate?

Now do see how it easy it is to see who is left and who is right?

I’m not sure that all this linguistic niggling from pint-gripping pundits who imagine that since their mouths are moving, someone is listening is actually helpful when the reality is so stark. I’f Trump wins again, it’ll be in part because the left tore themselves a new asshole overthinking it.


I can’t get that song out of my head.


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Yeah, Me neither. :upside_down_face:


I still remember that song. It was super catchy.


If we’re talking about the perspective of the guy in the Hardee’s drive through, then yes, I agree with HL.

If we’re talking about people who follow politics closely and make an effort to be informed (not Twitter types), then I agree with Waves.


Have you got an estimated percentage of voters (60/40; 50/50) that would be representative of the voting body in 2016 and how they were split into the two above groups you described?


No, but there are a lot more Hardee’s customers than there are people who read The Hill or who post in political threads on a music board.



That’s why we sell the pizza that people want to buy. And sell lots of it.

Not the pizza that a hectoring vocal minority of people think we should want. That’s a good way to go out of business, fast.


I think there is a complicated interplay between the media, the donor class, corporations, and how they determine the pizza we want to buy. Howard Dean was the people’s pepperoni, left-leaning and anti-war, until he screamed and the media played it on a loop, placing it out of context and damaging his campaign. This led to John Kerry/John Edwards rise, which is a bit like putting saltines on a pizza. The people didn’t want to buy it, so Bush won a second term.

Flash back to 2016. We had the Bernard Sanders deep dish, which could feed a family of five easily (unlike a librarian’s salary) and was wildly popular. The media and pizza overlords decided to focus more on the Trump Chili-Dog pie instead of the deep dish, while the Hill-Bot Pizza (basically hardboiled eggs on top of a cheese pizza) encouraged the DNC to make the Bernard Sanders deep dish appear different from American’s taste (even though stadiums were consuming them on the reg). The Hill-Bot Pizza instead encouraged it’s Pizza Overlord friends to focus on covering the Trump-Chili dog pie…and we know what happened. Lots of heartburn and diarrhea.

So, I don’t think the anyone is selling the pizza people want to buy, because of the machinations I described.


That’s a nice extension of the pizza metaphor and a fair explication.

I’ll say it this way. Democrats are tearing their own party apart, and in so doing, damning their chances of beating Trump. In fact, annihilating their chances. Otherwise ‘intelligent’ people are tearing down their party coalitions with incessant bickering about what they want the party to be.

You know what I want the party to be? A reasonable one with enough mass appeal to beat Trump.

Who has the best chance of winning against Trump? Put that one up to run. I do not are if they are M or F, or whatever race or religion, and no one should care. It’s who will win, and that is the only question to ask or answer.

The battle for Middle Earth is here. Mordor is on the march. And a bunch of short-sighted, entitled asshats are arguing over which standard bearer gets to march in front. Fight the battle, win the war by any means necessary, then reshape your forces to better reflect the members. For now, shut and play nice. Make an army that people will prefer to the dark one. That should be easy if you stop stepping on your own dick.


How dare you leave out non-binary genders? I missed the CNN debate last night. I’m sure Wolf asked the tough questions.


I also meant ‘care’ not ‘are’.

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