So lets do some History ?


I’ll take home maintenance tips over a kiss. Useful Idiots has about 12 episodes. ENJOY!




Was enjoying this on twitter the other day. Gotta love Khive people leaning into Biden’s segregation past and the Kamala is a cop meme as if they’re positive things. I love Bernie so much.


In our neighborhood today:





Yeah, I don’t see anything that suggests he’s a cop…but he definitely looks to be stoking some fires.


Maybe owns that store or was hired by them so they can collect insurance… pretty stupid.


He’s been outed as a St Paul cop


I heard it was Paul Westerberg. He’s been laying low in Minny for the last four years or so. Then I heard it was Ryan Adams trying to frame Westerberg for that shit Paul said about wanting to kick Ryan’s teeth in back in the early 2000’s.


The pictures definitely look alike!


One of my co-workers that lives in Minneapolis lives adjacent to the Target store (I guess where a lot of the rioting/looting is going on). I was just on the phone with her and she’s scared their neighborhood might be next.




I love him, his band and this song.

All we wanted was a chance to talk
’stead we only got outlined in chalk


It saddens and disgusts me that in this country one group of people are marching in the streets, armed, because their liberties are being threatened for having to avoid social contact during a pandemic quarantine while another group is being murdered in the streets by the power apparatus meant to protect them.

That the former group won’t step up for the latter is an outrage to any reasonable human being.