So lets do some History ?


That’s odd because I recall him saying that at least a decade ago.


I think his 'tism shouldn’t make you feel bad about hating him for his white supremacy views. SO MANY people have tried talking to him about his views and he hasn’t budged at all OR even tried to listen/understand.


I haven’t seen Meade this upset since they removed the Ronald McDonald statue.




He’s a little inconsistent, but I enjoy Schulz.


I still haven’t watched the gay tiger keeper drug lord documentary.


Don’t bother. Total waste of time.


Well, it really hit home. In his younger days, he had witnessed the taking down of a statue that bore his resemblance. It was quite traumatic.



That statue’s in way better shape than he’s ever been.


Who knows. Maybe he just had a new video about it. I could’ve misread it.




Maybe it’s just me, but 2020 really looks like a months long practical joke. :woman_shrugging:


As long as he and Trump split the deranged celebrity vote.


As ridiculous of an idiot as Kanye is, he’d probably make a better president than Trump.

It’s probably a campaign to try to promote his new release: Kanye West - The Lesser of Two Evils


Must have a new album coming out.


So it’s either apologize for past misdeeds or run for president these days?


It’s a deep red state ploy to siphon off the black vote to strengthen Trump’s chances for a win.


Some interesting items in a George F. Will op-ed in the Wapo today.

Last Sunday, Germany (population 80.2 million) had 159 new cases of covid-19; Florida (population 21.5 million) had 15,300.

Today’s less serious nation is unable to competently combat a pandemic, or even reliably conduct elections. This is what national decline looks like.


I’ve always enjoyed Will’s columns. Would love to have a WASPy drink with him.