So lets do some History ?


And yet, he’s apparently on the ballot in Oklahoma.


Lmao Twitter is just discovering Meade. Who knew Meade carries an enema with him all the time?


The Gomer Pyle of Nazis.


^^^^^ Good stuff this.


Was his internet fame inevitable or contrived?

I think we know he’s not Andy Kaufman, but the rest of the internet is going to debate it too.


I think he probably cries when he fingers his own ass while watching gay porn.


They don’t know him like we do…they’re lucky


Does anyone have those spoof album covers I made for Meade?


Doesn’t everyone?


I wish. Has someone given him Karen hair yet?


I also wish I had these.

There was a “Love is Heck” cover. I mainly remember it because of the amusing name.

Did you do a Cardinology one?


I don’t remember the Cardinology one. That doesn’t mean anything, though.

Here’s what I remember…

Gobblin’ - a spoof of the Tyler the Creator album, Goblin
Love is Heck
Autisticky Fingers- a spoof of the Stones cover using this Meade bulge

(by the way, I think his button barely clinging on is a nice metaphor for Meade’s clinging to his bullshit statues)


Found some! Man, I do not remember making some of these at all.

I chuckled at the sweet tea and lemon on the Bowie cover

Meade in the “Take on Meade” video

…and I think I made this after a video of Meade playing on the beach surfaced.


My GOD. Someone PLEASE let him know about our group.


These are GOLD, Nick!

I remember them now. For a period of time I kind of avoided the Meade banter, but not anymore. He’s omnipresent.


I know there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether he is a brilliant troll/mad genius or if he’s “special” and yet also a bigot and racist. I had questions about this for a long while myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, the latter. He’s on the spectrum, secretly a bottom, hates women and would suck Jesus Nathan Christ’s unwashed dick at the drop of a double headed dildo.


no mention of two-dick billy goat???


I don’t get the reference, Rod-knee.


I thought he once made an appearance in the new one?!


He’s been here. We laid into him. I felt bad about myself.