So lets do some History ?


He arrived immediately after me, and I was worried that I had left the door open.


That is a Germanic bulge for sure.


Take on Meade .GIF deserves some kind of award.


Found these too which I’m assuming were Nick creations


Haha! Yup. I forgot about those.


Here’s the cognitive test Trump “aced” if anyone wants to give it a try.


That’s more a test of cognitive ability, i.e., if the subject has had a traumatic brain injury and you need to see of they have brain damage. Or they are mentally handicapped, meaning that parts of their brain aren’t functioning properly.

He’s too stupid to realize that, so he failed the test’s meta-question.


Donald Trump is the Meade of presidents.


Not defending anyone here but I think Meade is probably worse.


I think that is physically impossible.


Yeah. Meade only hurts his self.



Ely deserves a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting.


this is allegedly real


“person, woman, man, camera, TV”


You can tell he took that kid’s crayon.


In fairness, the Russian flag has a horizontal blue stripe. So I can understand his confusion.


He probably just grabbed some kid’s drawing and made look like he was actually working on it… probably a 15-second photo op.

“Alright we got the shot, let’s get the hell out of here”.




It’s not who I would have picked, but it’s who I’ll vote for.