So lets do some History ?


I was skimming this thread and this is still PLATINUM.


An author of the 1994 Crime Bill TEAMS up with a dirty District Attorney, who kept people imprisoned past their sentences so it wouldn’t upset the budgets of prisons. Tell you what, Jack…Jamaican me crazy!

Pitch perfect combo with all of the talk of abolishing police.

I keed, sort of, who else could we vote for except Biden/Harris?

I don’t foresee any of the “that little girl was me” attempt at memes having any impact on the debates with Pence, who has been injected with the same serum that made Dick Cheney steeley and unflappable.


Ha. Thank you! I didn’t even remember posting that.


How can the Onion continue to exist after this?


Seriously. It’s been hard to tell what’s real.
The Onion has been on fire though.


Another one:


What was the over/under for how long it would take for Trump to ask Kamala Harris to prove her citizenship?


4 hours


And another one. I mean, seriously.


At least Hitler didn’t pretend to believe in god.


He believed in the guy who killed god.


How do we boycott Wisconsin? I love cheese.


I’m afraid Wisconsin will boycott us. I think this has tipped the swing state to Trump.


A white teenager murdering two people in broad daylight and then the cops not even bothering to stop him? If that really was the breaking point then the state was already lost.


That kid is speaking at the next Republican convention.


From jail? That would be great


I’m afraid it’ll be after the next Republican governor of Wisconsin pardons him.


This is the only bit of good news lately.


Oh thank god.


Excellent read.