So lets do some History ?


What’s he talking about here?



We invited our friends and their kids to the lake with us this weekend. Took all the kids on their first tent camping weekend and broke out the new (to us) boat for its first official run…

And we had no idea that there were Trump rally/boat parades. We all knew we were headed to trump country (small lake that neighbors the ozarks), but would have maybe suggested something different.

I felt like a major ass bringing an immigrant from Asia and a black man to a Trump rally. We also had the people at the next campsite over spend the next morning giving us generally dirty looks - we then realized they must have been there for the parade and we’re not a fan of our “liberal” conversations the night before.


I typically don’t say “god bless”…but god bless Bob Woodward


The width of the Adderall rail he just took to the head


As I’ve grown older I’ve said these types of things too.


“Bless their heart” is one I often pull out of the archives, usually to describe someone of questionable intelligence or motives.


Yep, I use that too. Sometimes sincerely, sometimes not.


My grandma used to have a lot of interesting phrases.

Some her favorites were “Lands sakes” and “My Lands”.

She used to start most of her sentences with “Why,”

Her best friend’s name was Gloria Funk. I always thought that would be a great band name.


Trump is doubling down on the culture war, hoping it will win him the election. Today, he appointed a panel of non-historians to develop a patriotic history curriculum, and then they announced an investigation of Princeton because the president acknowledged that there are historical racist structures at the university. So, basically, acknowledging this sort of thing will get you investigated for having lied to the feds that you don’t discriminate. What bullshit.