So lets do some History ?



Since she’s incapable of saying anything that’s true, she’s clearly still on the job.


Maybe someone can send her this:


Who is dressing up as Herman Cain for Halloween?


You know, this requires some advanced ethical calculus. Would the blackface be outweighed by the fact that he had been #metoo’d? Would it still be in questionable taste to mock someone who’s dead, even though he didn’t wear a mask? Pass the calculator!


At this point you should just go green faced.


That’s racist.


Speaking of, Stephen Miller has Covid. Fingers crossed!


The academy is missing out on your talents. I bet you had chops in lectures.


Thank you, kind sir! The older I got, the less the kids got my sense of humor. It was time to move on.



I used to make more jokes in classes, but stifle myself a lot. Even after making a joke, I find myself later trying to view how it might have been offensive. No fun.


Well, here is Michigan at the epicenter of bat-shit-crazy once again.


Y’all-Qaeda is at it again!


You will have to bring your own Kokanee. They don’t sell that shit here.




Are you bringing your family? It’s a small apartment. Not saying “no”, just asking.