So lets do some History ?




I suppose Evansville, IN, is not a great place to sport that.


Not so much. Although a thick neck fucker at the liquor store did tell me “you didn’t make me look!” The guy working the register laughed and said “how did you know then?”



just bought one on ebay. can’t wait to wear it out.


I hope you infected him with Covid.


Well, the day is upon us. Gird your loins.


Hang on to your hats . Hope the sun is shining .


Good luck, everybody. Be safe.







Is it too early to start talk of dismantling the electoral college? It needs to be done. The choice of president can’t come down to asshats in two or three states. The notion that all of Texas voted red is an insult to every blue or green or otherwise voter who lives there. So all of their power as a state should not go to one candidate.

In other words, the people vote, not the state.

WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!!?


With you!




I noticed that Nebraska is not a winner take all state. It would be a modest improvement if states simply gave up their electoral counts by proportion of votes.


Well so far it looks like a shit show. While I am not surprised, I am profoundly disappointed in our citizenry. That this could be close to 50/50 at all tells me that this country and I do not have shared values.


Agreed. There’s no doubt why, over the past 4 yours, I’ve transitioned from being a humanist to being a nihilist.


"Bob Rutledge
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Some good news:

  1. Biden is almost certainly going to win both AZ and NV (We will hear from AZ Wednesday night; NV will not announce any more results until Thursday morning). That gets Biden from 227 (where he is now, according to the NYTimes) to 244.
  2. Wisconsin (which will finish counting Wednesday morning) is counting mail-ins now; cities of Green-Bay and Kenosha mail-in ballots just flipped WI to Biden, with +20K votes. With only mail-in votes left, which are overwhelmingly blue, Trump is not going to take WI. That puts Biden at 254.
  3. MI (which will finish counting Wednesday night) is currently +38K votes Trump, and they are also only counting mail-in votes there as of now. There are at least 160K mail-in votes in Detroit, where Biden is running +36%, which would give Biden +58K more votes than Trump, flipping MI (eventually) to Biden; that would be 16 EC votes for Biden bringing him to the magic number 270.
    So I am cautiously optimistic Biden will win the Presidency.
    That’s leaving PA, NC, and GA on the table even.
    HELPFUL HAPPY EDIT: Nate Cohn at the NYTimes says:
  • There are 1.4M outstanding Absentee ballots in PA (which won’t finish counting until Friday).
  • Biden has been winning absentee votes by +57 points in PA (a huge margin).
  • Trump currently leads Biden in PA by 619K votes.
    IF all three are true, then Biden will gain 800K votes over Trump from the Absentee ballots in PA, which will overcome Trump’s lead there, and give PA to Biden. That is +20 Electoral College votes, which would give Biden a total of 290 EC votes - and election to the Presidency - by the math on this page."


Can you ask that asshat what happened to all of Biden’s lead he had on Monday? And all the down ballot leads?

These experts are, again, not fit to have their jobs.