So lets do some History ?




Far from the resounding repudiation of Trump, but I suppose it will have to do.


I’m also shocked at the number of Trump votes. The republican party is now the party of the working class.

Dems better rebrand and stop saying nonsense like “defund the police,” which surely hurt them across the country in House and Senate.







You are correct with all you say. Why a bunch of low income people think letting the rich do whatever they please with no constraints would be good for them, I can’t say. I suppose they are not voting economically, they are going with their gut–anti-foreign, anti-anything but Christianity, and anti-anything but white.

The right have been sucking them in and the left have done nothing to stop it, too busy talking equal rights and saving the planet. Why does a poor white guy care about equal rights? He’s already got them.

Suffice to say both have been playing a shit game, but the right has been playing it much smarter.


Yay! Fuck that guy.




What the fuck? Biden just announced his Covid task force and I didn’t see a single family member on the list. That can’t be right


Ben Carson has covid.



Borowitz FTW



When I wake up at 3am, the meter in my head is higher than that.


Mitch McConnell is so old. I do believe he won’t make it two more years. Wonder who will fill his void?


My joy?