So lets do some History ?


mine as well. we’ll fill that fucking void w/ all the joy and squeals of excitement. can’t stand that fucker.


solid fucking gold…



I guess we’re all tired of this shit, but this one is just a bit much to take. I mean, seriously, “go find enough votes to make me win the state.” Crazy.


Speaking of history, happy Weimar Day, everyone.


Jesus fuck.


This is so upsetting.


Dios Mio!


He just gave shit-faced Republicans the excuse they needed to pretend they never supported all his moronic shit and turn on him. Now they can bad mouth him and move on without as much fear of losing elections.

He burned down the house so cowards could run free.


I’m actually appalled at how spineless the conservatives are being (at least on my social media). They had a lot to say about BLM looters but here there are assholes taking turns vandalizing the White House and it’s crickets. Not a damn word. So much for caring about history, they just love racist monuments. So much for giving a shit about modern fascistic trappings like the pledge of allegiance, they just love criticizing people of color. I’m so over these armchair activists. They need to grow a backbone. Are we any closer to abolishing Facebook?


God, I hope so.


One hundred years of red scares and of course it’s the fascists that invade the capitol.


Let’s just hope that the woman who was shot in the Capitol turns out to be Meade.


Well that escalated steadily for four years.

— Ed Stern. BTLM. (@EdStern) January 6, 2021


Yeah right, she was attempting to crawl through a window.


I feel like Merrick Garland, Jon Ossoff, and Raphael Warnock all got Farrah Fawcett-ed today. It’s a shame.


Man, is there anything worse than any member of congress standing up there and working out their “tight five” Kumbaya comedy routine? Holy fuck it’s awful. It’s always like “…and then there’s Tim over there…where is he…oh there he is. We disagree on a lot, but deep down Tim knows my Bulldogs are going to beat his Gators in the Who Gives a Fuck Bowl” or “Tim, you know I’m going to catch you in our Fitbit challenge!” Then there is a polite laughter from everyone afterwards. It’s a weird haha-we-both-think-the-other-ruined-the-country-but-we-have-fun charade. It sucks so much. I get it- you guys don’t agree on anything…yet you both have similar things outside of the things that make you hate each other. It’s like me telling the Delta passenger next to me who insists that he is entitled to the arm rest “We’ll always have the SkyMall rotating tie rack.”



love this.
sad, but still made me chuckle…cause it’s true.



I’m amazed at how many people are bowled over by Graham’s ‘Let’s come together’ speech (hold for puns about rest stop dalliances).

How people can’t see he’s just an opportunist at this point is beyond me.

At McCain’s funeral I hear they were just about to lower his casket into the ground and Graham demanded the lid be opened so he could throw his spine inside.