So lets do some History ?


Trump and his nutjob cult is trying to get on the Parler app since Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and so on have banned him.


So, I do have to correct one thing I said. They provide a margin of error for their survey of 3.3%. But that’s only for when they talk about the entire sample. What we were talking about was what percentage of Republicans who support the coup, and that’s a subgroup of the sample. The margin of error for the subgroup of Republicans is larger (since the subgroup is smaller than the whole sample). They don’t give enough information to calculate that margin of error (in particular because it also depends on some adjustments they made to make sure that the sample matches the population, called “weighting,” which increases the margin of error). I did a back of the envelope estimate (assuming that 1/3 of the sample were Republicans and using the factor by which weighting had increased the original margin of error), which got me 5.8%. And so, with 45% of Republicans expressing support for the coup, the confidence interval would be 39-51%.

All of this will be on the final.


Der Spiegel got it right back then.




I can’t believe how much I enjoyed that, thanks, Monkey. Good for Arnold!


Every post ever made on Parler has been hacked and archived:




This seems like a very gray area with regard to prosecution in terms of fruit from the poisoned tree if prosecutors want to explore what happened at the capital, and who may be responsible for it from a criminal point of view.

But I’m not a legal expert. From a personal information standpoint, it’s a bad thing.


I’m not a legal expert either, but I have to say that I don’t particularly care about the personal information angle when it comes to an actual attempt to overthrow our government.


These people need to be hunted down and punished but we can’t abandon civil liberties to do so. I would hope some savvy law enforcement minds can figure this mess out and make it stick, legally speaking.


I’m concerned as well. Does this kind of thing play into all the conspiracy theorists hands?

Will this further erode the divide already happening in our country?

Should the big three social networks filter content coming in from all conservatives/ Republicans?


Until they denounce the attempted coup by their leader, sure. For months, “conservatives/Republicans” have perpetuated lies about election fraud and helped incite a riot to overthrow our government. Instead of worrying about slippery slopes, how about we address that?


The amount of stuff that gets hacked and leaked is crazy. I just saw that Nissan US got hacked recently because they were storing the source code to their software on a public site with an easily guessable login (admin/admin). It only takes one fool in charge who isn’t being “sanity checked” to do something dumb.


I read that a troll posted something along the lines of “Post your name and what you did at the Capitol so Trump can pardon you.” People did just that. Dumbasses.


And yet, it’s not totally out of the question that Trump could have posted that to parler himself.


There’s a lot of dumb to go around.


Here’s something I learned about Parler today…

"There is the option to “Get Verified” that provides Parler Citizen status. This step requires you to use your webcam to take a photo of an ID card’s front and back, say your driver’s license. Then, you submit a selfie taken with your webcam.

Once approved, your profile will show a red Parler badge telling other users that you are a real person and not a bot. At this point, you no longer have to display your name publicly."

So, Parler’s users’ driver’s licences are now “out there” too.


This blew my mind too. Who would do this for a social media site? I get anxious about even putting my cell phone!