So lets do some History ?


That’s crazy. I’d never join such a stupid social network for that reason alone.


Really? When I signed up here, @thebalvenie asked me for my home address and the location of the hidden spare key on the back porch.


I also wonder if this is helping to aide the lovely no-fly list busts we have been seeing.


All I had to send him was the license plates to my van down by the river. He must have thought I was just there for the fishing.


Donald Trump checking in with his only remaining friend.


On a conference call briefing about security threats against Congress, representatives and senators were reminded that bulletproof vests are reimbursable expenses. Yay freedom.


and yet…here you are…still here :slight_smile:



It bums me out that Ariel Pink was there. It bums me out even more that John Maus was.