Social Justice Warrior culture


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phenomena where people find a cause and become completely obnoxious and disparaging of anyone who doesn’t support their cause. Sample causes include;

-The insistence on using preferred personal pronouns (don’t call me he, I don’t self-identify as a he or she)
-Black Lives Matter (their cause is actually a good one, but there seems to be no room to have discussions about alternative means of reaching their goals w/o being shouted down)
-Hillarybots, Berniebots or Trumpers
-Value of diversity (you can’t say, “let’s hire the best person for the job” because that’s seen as potentially racist")

I stumbled upon Thomas Sowell, a black economist who is against affirmative action and believes that social welfare programs actually hurt minorities. Here’s a quick video. I found him refreshing, as he’s a data-driven guy.

anyone run into SJW type stuff in work or…? I’m in academia so diversity talks/respecting and adjusting to the marginalized is the water I swim in everyday.


I try not to be obnoxious about my causes. I think education is what separates those who stand with your cause and those who are oblivious. No one researches something because someone else won’t shut the fuck up about it.


i’m very familiar w/ sowell


Nick does walk the walk. I’ve never felt pressured to look up amputee porn, despite his proclivity. I’ve also never doubted that Filipinos worshiped monkeys (not the one here).

If there’s an issue I’m enthusiastic about I might say, “Something to keep in mind…we’re losing 2 inches of topsoil a year” but I never say “Support a farmer’s market or your digging your grandchildren’s grave with your Walmart rewards card!!”


You certainly won’t fit in on Facebook with that attitude.


Yin Yang. Light dark. God Devil.

People who rail against SJW culture are mired in it’s antithesis; or, more clearly, their version of social justice doesn’t look or smell like the other side, but it is a version of social justice nonetheless. Since they don’t recognize their own ideas’ co-dependency, their thinking is equally as ridiculous as that which they despise.

If you want to rebel against Christianity you don’t worship the devil, you become agnostic. To worship the devil is to recognize the whole mythos as valid. As the tired phase says, the opposite of love is not hate, it’s ambivalence.

A bunch of playground bullies and shamers farting in the wind. But it’s important to them.

Not saying you’re that way Ely. But those Facebook people…


I am obnoxious.

I post lots from BBC, NPR, WSJ, and NYTs on the faults and follies of Donald Trump. People have hit outrage fatigue and are allowing/forgiving unethical behavior from our elected officials. I will make note of it when ever I can. I am left of left. I am okay with that and I am fine if people unfollow or unfriend me. I will debate with anyone with the ability to openly debate/problem solve, and I have the ability to change my opinion and admit I am wrong. Social Media should not be taken to seriously. Democracy does not exist in silence and needs open discourse.

The real world is outside is out your window. Post what you want. Become an arm chair activist if you like… It may even inspire change outside of ones desired presented media persona. It may illustrate the incongruence of action and desired persona. It may illustrate the flakeyness (word?) of ones stances and inspire introspection. I don’t argue with trolls or friends that are currently mentally unstable, but everything else is fair game.

If Trump comes up with a good idea related to insurance and payee source I will need to support it, and advocate for it.(doubtful) Cross party lines when you can and should.

Oh and black lives matter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed. I’ve become agnostic about many of these issues when there isn’t any data or evidence available. [quote=“grimlithics, post:7, topic:229”]
If Trump comes up with a good idea related to insurance and payee source I will need to support it, and advocate for it.(doubtful) Cross party lines when you can and should.

I think this is the correct, rational response. I think the tribalism of the two party system has rendered half the country effectively deaf to new ideas. I don’t agree with most of the Trump ideas now, but I’ll explore them before dismissing them out of hand.



That’s a shame. But academia is a left-wing toilet, 10X more so then when I was an undergrad. I Studied philosophy because I wanted to learn HOW to think, rather than WHAT to think.

I wonder if that would even be possible today.


I’m not even that conservative/libertarian and it’s hard to stomach how little diversity of thought is here. We have one conservative (professor) on campus.


That’s not so strange. People who think tend to question everything and that’s an attitude more common on the left than on the right.


No bias there I’m sure


I agree with this generally. People on the left, for instance, score higher in openness on the Big Five Personality inventory, and are usually more open to new ideas.

However, this isn’t’ how it’s playing out on campus. It’s become nearly authoritarian in how you are taught how to think.


what do you mean?


That science is progressive by nature, and therefore scientists and universities are too.


Some people just can’t help themselves I guess…sad life.


Not if you’re an incredibly smart leftie like me!


i don’t get it?


Here’s the paper (from the image I posted) if you’re interested.