Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.




Those are fantastic monkey

Thx for sharing bud


I’m sorry. I posted a few twice and I don’t know what happened with that one…


Thanks, Rod. :slight_smile:


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Great stuff, Monkey!


Wow monkey love your shots! A lot of thought-provoking stuff there. Great use of light and contrast.


Wow. There’s not an ok one in there. They’re all captivating / intriguing shots. Balv was right, you are really very good at this. Very impressed.

Have you every done an exhibition, sold any or do you keep an Instagram? Or is it a private hobby?


Fantastic monkey!! So much to digest there. Lots of different techniques and perspectives. I love the ones with a colorized feel. Also hands. Love hands. Keep sharing.


I’ve heard it said that Monkey is all hands.


A year ago I was offered a couple of shows. One fell through because the gallery had a fire and they never recovered and I backed out of the second offer because of anxiety and depression blah blah blah.

I’ve done some commission work. Naughty stuff. The props, lighting and backgrounds were paid for in exchange for the work. I used an old medium format pentax camera with manual prime lenses. Another item paid for. I didn’t get any money out of it but I got the staging and lighting and the satisfaction of knowing I can take photos of naked strangers without getting an erection. :smiley:

It’s really therapy. Some day I might share the darker stuff. lol

Thank you all for your kindness. smoochies


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I think the one with the doors is my favorite…as much as I love the sunflowers. :sunflower:


No way, Monkey. I love this stuff. I think as an exercise, you should do a set of photos that don’t make me worry about you. Do something cheerful (colorful). Sometimes it’s good artistically to force yourself to step outside your comfort zone.


yeah monkey.

go to a macdonald’s playhouse and start taking pictures.


how did you achieve this effect?


This was just good fortune. The was taken from the second floor of the Fort Worth incinerator plant. I’m standing on a narrow walkway and the open area the in the bottom half center had a door on it at one time but the door is gone now. If you walk through the threshold then you will fall two stories. The night sky you are seeing there is actually a corrugated tin wall that appears to have been used for target practise. The picture is unedited. I think I envisioned what you probably see or close to it; a door leading to/from…?

But the technique was basic. Pentax K-50, aperture of 110/10, ISO of 200, nominal shutter speed and distance of about 60 foot. :smiley:


I mean, there’s a little more to it but it’s even more boring than what I regularly post.


@nick that’s like telling Ryan to write happy songs :wink: