Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


Btw, what brand manual lens/lenses did you get?


You should look into M. Zuiko M mount lenses for your Olympus AND F Mount Nikon lenses with adapter. 45 or 50mm and 85mm? and 9-18mm or 17mm? I think I’m right on the types and ranges but I’d double check.

There’s also an excellent motor driven M. Zuiko 12-40mm that can cover macro and portrait work for the Olympus OM lines but it is kind of prices for Olympus lenses.


And don’t get suckered into purchasing “art” lenses for the OM-D. They really don’t make much of a difference.


Thanks! I’ll check those options out.


I don’t know…I’ve noticed that the Panasonic lenses have more contrast than the Olympus lenses. The pictures that I’ve taken with my Olympus lenses do look brighter.
I say this because most of the time, I shoot the same object with different lenses, unless it’s a spur of the moment kind of thing like when I’m out. Even then, I’ll try to shoot with more than one lens to see which lens will give me what I was trying to capture.
I like that different lenses give different “moods” or “feelings” to the photographs.
And I’m shooting RAW now.
I really like the Panasonic look but that also depends on the subject.

I’m all over the place with this. I don’t know if I want to get a new camera (different maker like Fuji or Canon) to get a different look/feel or go for the vintage lenses or just try other lenses on my camera with an adapter. I’ll figure it out eventually.

But thank you for your input. Always a big help! :smile:


Oh wait, were you talking about the manual “artsy” lenses like Helios?

I was wondering about Lensbaby. That’s another “artsy” one, right? I’ll stick with the regular lenses that I have and try to do “artsy” with those. :grin:


I was bored. I don’t usually edit this heavily. Plus, I am feeling pretty angsty lately, so…


Me like.


Nice stuff Monkey! I dig the editing. We do work with a lot of photography/digital artists.

Here’s one of our clients.


There’s a kind of splendor of decay/obsolescence in Monkey’s work. A romance of ruin?


if it’s not moving and doesn’t have a pulse…odds are, monkey will like it!!!


I’m often drawn to the same types of things.

Finding beauty in the discarded or ignored is inspiring to me as well.


I like the end results, Monkey. Your photos came out looking great!
Sometimes it’s good to get away and try something different and play around and have some fun. You’ll end up with new ideas and new ways of looking at your photos.

I’ve been having fun playing with black backgrounds lately. A new editing trick I learned recently.

Nothing wrong with editing. It’s the over-processing that’s not good, IMO.

Btw, I ended up buying a Canon M5. I really like the Canon colors.
I love my Olympus and I love my Canon. :heart:
And I love taking pictures! :smile:


I’m jealous. I’ve been wanting an M5 for a while.


Do you guys use Photoshop to edit photography?

There’s a bunch of other good tools available too…


What?! Really??
But I thought you preferred DSLRs…

I was thinking of switching to a Canon or Nikon DSLR but when I saw the M5, I decided to stick with the mirrorrless since it’s compact.
I got the mount too, so I can also use the full frame lenses.

The images are really nice!


No, no Photoshop for me.
I use Lightroom mostly.
I also have Luminar, Olympus Viewer and Photoscape X but only use those in certain circumstances.
I have the Canon Digital Photo Professional also but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet…

I hardly do any editing, though. The cameras are that good. I usually just adjust the white balance and exposure. Tweak the clarity and vibrance a bit and it’s done.


Can you build a mask or make a selection that isolates your subject or something, so you can change the background without affecting the subject?


Yes, you can do that. Go and check out some of my recent flower photos on Flickr.
I have a few where I’ve changed the background color to black.


That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. Does Lightroom have that capability?