Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


I can’t live without a viewfinder. I can’t see what’s on the screen without my glasses!
Besides that, when the sun is out you can’t see anything on the screen…
I love looking through the viewfinder. But like I said to @highlife , I don’t like the one on the M5. I have a hard time seeing through it. Maybe it’s too small for me. Who knows? I know that it doesn’t stick out enough because my nose keeps touching the screen when I look through it and it changes the AF position settings! So I have to tilt my head a bit, which is annoying. The one on the Mark 3 is perfect, though. :sparkling_heart:


Smaller size camera and smaller lenses, too. And the micro four thirds camera is lighter.
Both mirrorless, but I noticed that my Canon is heavier than the Olympus. True, size-wise they aren’t really what you’d call “compact” but if you have a big pocket (a coat, perhaps?) and put the pancake lens on the your Pen EL 7 should fit. :grinning:
Just kidding ~ yes, it’s still a bit bulky and the Lumix sounds like a great choice!
I usually carry a bag with me so for me, I can stick my Olympus in my bag with a couple of lenses and I’m good to go. If I’m walking around my neighborhood taking pictures, I take my Canon with me but if I’m going out somewhere, it stays home because it’s too heavy and big, especially the new lens that I bought. I still can’t get over how big and heavy it is!
And the reason why I bought a mirrorless in the first place was so that I wouldn’t have to deal with big heavy lenses…:roll_eyes:


For the Pen I have two ‘kit’ lenses, a 14-42/3.5-5.6, a 40-150/4-5.6, and a 17mm 1.8.

I’ve been having great fun with my Nikon D7200 though. Love that thing.


I bought my Olympus with the “kit lenses”, too. I hardly use the 14-42 but the 40-150 I use a lot.
For an inexpensive lens, it’s pretty sharp! I like it a lot.

Good to hear! I know what you mean, I’m having so much fun with my M5 & new lens. :grin:

Is there anyplace I can see your photos? I’d love to see them.
That’s why I like going over to Flickr. I’ve learned so much there from looking at other people’s works.


I keep meaning to start an instagram but haven’t. I’m terrible at curating my work of any kind. I like making stuff, but don’t care what happens after. I really should make an instagram though…



I’m not a photoshop guy, so that’s all in camera stuff.


I think I’ve either got to step up my game, learn and improve or I think I’m calling it quits. I’m not a go getter and I have no clue how to self motivate. I don’t think that my photos are anything spectacular at all. It’s been therapy for me but I don’t really have as much time for it as I used to and I haven’t improved upon my skill set. I dunno. Not whining or anything. I think I just need to move on or put in the work to improve and I know which I’m more prone to do. I have a history of quitting…


The passion comes and goes. Your camera is advanced enough that you’ll not likely need a new one in two years when you want to revisit the game. Hold onto it all until your mood returns.


You could also try film for a while. the mental challenge of knowing you only have 36 shots changes how you approach each one. With digital you can shoot 1000 like it’s nothing.

So it is nothing.

Unless I am doing a portrait or assignment I purposely limit myself, and strive to make the few I actually do shoot, pay off. I give myself 2-3 shots of something then move on.


Try Flickr. It’s really fun. They have groups suited to your genre where you post your photos and get awards.
I haven’t had negative feedback there at all and I’ve met really great people and seen some really beautiful work. And I think Flickr has a more mature audience and the people there care more about photography than editing and photoshopping their stuff.

@Monkey also. If you’re feeling unmotivated, go browse. It’s always good to look at other people’s stuff for new ideas.

I have to rush out so I’ll come back later and write more.


sounds like you just need to get through that hump. it’s like anything that you want to get good at in life. you need to always find that balance in life to keep that creativity going…PLUS, it’s a safe place/outlet for you. that right there is worth its weight in gold.

don’t give it up. keep at it. you’ll be in a spot again to think, oh man, that rod was right. i really like my photos this is good stuff.

and it is. good stuff.


Don’t be a quitter. Go for the “up your game” option. I like your photos but that doesn’t matter. Do you like doing it? I always ask if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. If it makes you happy, it’s worth it. Pain and boredom go hand in hand with art. You just have to keep going.



don’t measure yourself or your photos by others. take it for what it is…catharthis, moments and times to learn and to better yourself at a skill is that takes some talent and time. you have both.


Nice work! I like it!


Me, too. I can’t sit there and do all that. I don’t use filters or pre-sets.
I like to adjust the light, highlights and shadows and play with color/vibrance but that’s it.
I use Lightroom from like, 5 years ago. Nothing special.
Personally, I have no interest in over-processed stuff.


That’s like so 5 years ago.






Um. Can I have a signed print of this one? For reasons…