Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


Here’s another from that series. I wanted them to look paintbrushy.


I’m serious though. I’ve been looking for a nude to add to my collection. I’ll be happy to pay you for it.




I really like the motion and swirling movement in these… almost makes me dizzy.


Me too


Got my new Lumix LX-100 and am learning it, but happy so far.


Crazy simple photo but look at that light and texture


Thanks. Was hoping for a Vermeer thing, light-wise.


The still life on the table looks more like Edward Hopper.


I think I’m going to get a Canon 80D with 18-135mm lens.


Good choice! :+1:t2:

But didn’t you say you wanted the M5?

80D vs M5:


I had a 60D and loved it. I loved the heft of it with an 18-135mm lens. Now that the 80D has been out for a while and second gen cameras can be had I really want to go back to that. Plus, the range of lenses I can use is way more accessible to me. Plus I’ve never found a camera with an oled screen that I liked.


Sounds good. :+1:t2:
I’ll be looking forward to seeing more photos from you soon then!

(Even though mine is the M5, I love my Canon, too. :two_hearts:)


After extensive research, I have decided to get the Canon 77D instead of the 80D.

Key Differences:

80d has a headphone jack.
77D is .6 lbs lighter than the 80D
77D has a bigger Digi 7 (double the capacity) processor compared to the 80D’s Digi 6
77D has double the ISO
80D is 8FPS where the 77D is only 6FPS
80D is 100% viewfinder range and the 77D is 95%

Otherwise they are both, at least hardware wise, very comparable.

Neither have 4K and both are crop frame & 1080p which is fine because I don’t care to shoot video and to be honest, 1080p is way easier to edit in jpeg than 4k is, especially if you are trying to make stills from video.



Nice! When will make the purchase?

BTW if anyone wants to buy a micro 4/3 Olympus EPL-7 with three lenses in excellent shape…lemme know.


I’m going to go to Arlington Camera and buy it this coming Saturday.


I wish the e-lp’s had a viewfinder.


You can buy one, and EVF that works with your different focal lengths, but it’s not standard. I’ve seen them anywhere from $100-170.

It’s a snazzy little camera, but I LOVE my Lumix LX-100. Gonna ebay the Olympus.



I went ahead and got it today with 50mm art lens and a dinky kit 18-55mm lens but I also ordered the Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 L IS USM which doubled my investment. I think I’m done buying photography stuff for a while.