Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


…or a mermaid sex pod.


I can see that, Dougo.

Horny and scared at the same time. If Monkey’s art was a pill, I’d call it Die-agra


These last several photos were a total mood. I was thinking about Hemingway (The Old Man and the Sea) and that music video for Peter Gabriel’s ‘Mercy Street’.


Great stuff, Monkey. They look like they could be posters in a cutter’s bedroom.


You hitting on me, Bro?


So what’s your gear these days, @Monkey?
I switched over to Fuji at the end of 2019. I just love it! The pictures are so sharp and clear and I love the Fuji rendering. My favorite lens is the 35mm f1.4. It produces some amazing bokeh and colors but it does have a bit of chromatic aberration when shot wide open but then again so do most lenses if you shoot wide open.

I’m also into vintage lenses now. They are so much fun to use and the other fun part is discovering a new vintage lens or finding a rare one! They produce painting like images unlike the sharp, clear shots that you get with the digital lenses so they are perfect for my genre of photography, which would be floral. I didn’t think I could master shooting manual but after a lot of practice, I think I’ve got it and I’m actually enjoying it! It makes me take less pictures and I have to think about the composition more so there are actually less images to sort through which is a good thing because I’m always taking way too many flower photos!!


Your photography is really great. Your compositions are exceptional.


I haven’t really done much lately. I am still holding on to a Canon 77D which is basically a much lighter version of an 80D and using a Sigma 18-200 lens for just about everything. I am really into an old Nikon 1 J1 (one of the first compact mirrorless cameras) and shooing b/w but like I said, I haven’t really done much lately.


Thank you! Maybe I’ll get back to it. :smiley:


I’d love to see some new photography, Monkey. Certainly your walks could help scout locations.


I’ve been walking in a rec center lately. It’s constantly raining here so it’s been pretty humid. I’m going through some stuff work wise lately that has really kept me close to home. I think I’ve fired myself from work. Hard to explain. I’ve done it before but this time it’s not going the way I wanted it to. :slight_smile:


It is so hard to find good help nowadays.


Too bad! Your photos are wonderful and unique and I especially enjoy your B&W work. I hope you can feel inspired to get out there to shoot some more. I know that when I’m feeling stuck, looking at other people’s work, both pro & amateur, helps me to get more ideas and make me want to get more creative.

I even tried “free lensing” (which was quite hard, actually) and “vaseline photography” (which was a lot easier to do and quite successful!).
The first idea came when I was looking at some photos on Flickr and the other was from an interview with Gered Mankowitz, the British photographer who took the Stones dreamy-looking “Between The Buttons” cover.


I always wondered how he created that “blur” and it turned out to be vaseline!! So I went and tried it out and it was really fun.

I saw that you were having fun playing with colors/saturation. Those images are great! Anyway, I hope you can get back into shooting again.



Thanks for your support over at Flickr, Dougo. It’s always nice to see that you liked one of my photos! :heart: