Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


Okay. I can see where nothing I posted screams HAPPY.


So basically you have lots of experience at this and are far on in the game.

Even if it never becomes a pay thing I always say it’s so fortunate for those who have something like this in their lives. It’s a counterpoint to the real day to day and helps keep you sane through perspective.


I’m a novice. I’ve been doing it for little over 2 years now.

And I do see pro level photographer’s work and know I’m a novice. :smiley:


Yeah, I’m never going to make a career of this. I like sharing my photos because that’s an easier way for me to show empathy than to actually emote.


You may call yourself a novice, but you obviously have a great eye and, only 2 years in, lots of potential to explore


Well, thank you. Ultimately it’s just a way to slow down my thoughts and keep “the voices” in check. :slight_smile:

I’ll share more in the future. I am curious. I think I will attempt to stage the feeling of “happy” and see if it’s not convincing to the viewer. lol


I think being out and about taking photos, looking for the shot is like surfing in a way - something I’ve not done in a while - in that you have to be in the moment, fully. And that frees your mind from all the other crap. It melts away.


I totally agree.

I think I’d like to try to go out and shoot while on LSD.



Do that.

If you’d like to get arrested.


I would say this is how I feel about squash
It’s really about staying in the moment …competing…structure and endorphin release

Reflecting and self talk are more suited for my hikes and back pack trips…

When I was young I went everywhere with my camera and was even the staff photographer for our school newspaper and I really loved taking action shots and shots of people

About 10 years ago I just stopped
No more dark room or any of that

It’s not something I’m likely to start again

It’s a wonderful hobby and I’m really happy for monkey to have such a cool thing to do and be good at


It keeps me out of prison.


Dammit, I should have posted this here…


God lord this thread might as well be gay porn with the amount of dick sucking going on.

But nice work Monkey.


The cigars look like old fingers, their mortality burning out and stuff.

Agree with Nick about taking photos of happy stuff. Maybe you can create a “look book” for Sprinkles®


I love u so much



I think it can be freeing to not try and make a career out of art. It takes a lot of the pressure off and allows you to explore your own ideas not conform to other people’s.
And I’m not sure that you necessarily need to do “cheerful” stuff. Do what you feel.
I agree with LB about the doors shot. That one stands out to me.


Nice work Monk.some nice shots.Really seem to enjoy this, eh .


^ This.


This one? Yeah, I get a lot of requests for prints of this one.

And again, thanks for your kind words, everyone. :slight_smile:


I just want to have the 3 stooges run back and forth from side to side going through the doors.

Could you GIF that up for me pretty please?