Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


Yes that one. Speaks to me about choices and the light at the end of the tunnel. Doorways are such interesting things. Thresholds, that whole thing about liminality and what happens in that “space between spaces” fascinates me.


Dallas has really gone downhill, but in a good way.


Some beautiful shots there Monkey. My favourite probably the building where the light and shadow are a perfect straight line. Captivating.


Where was this one taken? Looks really familiar to me.


An abandoned school in Mineral Wells. Town has a…strange history.


Thank you!



And a closeup of my pussy…


like them!!!

:crying_cat_face: egg


:egg: :hatching_chick:



More pictures, please.
:camera: :framed_picture:


send nudes



No problem, I have plenty of nudes.
But…you send me yours first, then I’ll think about sending you mine.


In the meantime, more pictures, please.


Here you go:


one of my all time faves!

the fur!!!

so much fur



What camera(s) do you use?


Pentax K-s2 and Canon 70D. :slight_smile:


Wow! Both are very nice! :heart:
My friend, who’s a professional photographer, recommended the Fuji x100 to me when I asked him what camera I should get.
I’m still learning how to take decent pictures so I went with a Sony point and shoot to play around with. I love that it has a Zeiss lens and a point and shoot is perfectly good enough for me for now. :smile:

So how do you choose which camera to take with you when you go out to take photos?
Or do you take both?


I usually take both. Although the 70D is my current favorite I do like the Pentax for digital filters and how easily I can transfer Raw data. You did the right thing. that’s how I started; with a point and shoot. I don’t care for the Fuji X models myself. I had one for a while. But the X100 is a good camera. Very little about it I don’t like. :smiley: