Some of my photos. Here you go, Egg.


Hmmm…pornhub I thought would be your kind of place… just kidding. :grin:

I asked because I just joined Flickr this week and I really like it.
Lots of really talented people there so I thought you’d fit right in.

If you ever feel like going “public” I think you’ll enjoy being on Flickr.


If I’m being honest I don’t think my photos are all that great. I do believe I have a unique perspective but I don’t think the quality is there yet. That being said…I prefer a smaller audience. :slight_smile:


I think you’re wrong. :kissing_heart:

But I can understand not wanting to be judged or criticized too.


I think you’re wrong, also. I think your pictures are great. Btw, what post-editing tool do you use?
But if that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel.

If you change your mind though, I think you’ll like it there. I haven’t seen anything nasty yet and people are friendly. I guess you could say they have a more “mature” group there than let’s say IG. People who take their photography more seriously. And it’s a great place for inspiration.

If you ever decide to join, lmk so I can “follow” you. :grinning:

Btw, what editing tool do you use? I’m just curious.

I really like this. It’s something you’d see on Flickr and I’d “favorite” for sure.
Beautiful contrast & beautiful background bokeh. :heart_decoration:


What lens did you use?


I just sucked out the color and dedicated yellow hue in camera. I do very little post and don’t use any pro editing tools. Picasa 3 is my guilty pleasure. That pic was taken and post edited with a Nikon 5600. Niko. Has some amazing in camera tools now.


Yes, you did say that you don’t do much post-editing. I don’t use the in camera editing tools because I prefer to see my pictures on a bigger screen (I’m old :stuck_out_tongue:) and although I do very little post-editing, RAW files tend to look flat so I make sure to check/adjust the white balance and exposure.
I noticed that with the Olympus lenses, sometimes the pictures come out too saturated for my taste so I need to fix that, also.

Nikon is coming out with a new mirrorless. I was very excited to hear that and then I found out that it was a pro-level camera…:cry:


Yeah. Very spendy. I’ll be able to get their R type first run when they’ve put out 3 additional cameras. :frowning:


I’ve been on Flickr for years and I like it a lot. I use it for artwork, memorabilia and photography. Joining groups and contributing is good.


Can you post the link to your Flickr page, Dougo?


Not really sure how to send a link to my Flickr page… but I followed you so you should be able to get there from that. Nice photos, UV!



i joined a long time ago…like 2010 and never posted any pics.

i’m not a photographer. used to be a hobbyist from about 1996-2006 and then just stopped. i was the photographer for our school paper and worked in the dark room. i remember really loving it and when we bought our home in 2007 i remember wanting to convert a room downstairs to a dark room
but w/ life and kids and work and home projects and other hobbies and the digital age i just stopped. i don’t have that “eye” for looking at things like that anymore. i rarely see something and say i need to take a pic of it.

anyways, if you follow me on flickr you’ll be following an archive of photos of sorts.


nothing against cats. i love em and i love your shots.

but your photography really shines when it comes to flowers, bugs, and nature.


And also cats. :cat2::cat2::cat2:


i am livlafluv59901


Thanks, Dougo!
I’m following you too now. :grinning:


Following you too, Rodknee.

Well, it sounds like photography was something that you really enjoyed at one time, I hope you get into again one of these days. I cannot get over how great the mirrorless camera that @Monkey recommended to me is. It’s so easy and fun to use, it just makes you want to take more pictures! Maybe you just need to start seeing things through the viewfinder again and then you might start seeing the world differently. :sunglasses:

Oh and you don’t need a dark room these days so it’s so much easier to get into photography! :wink:

If you do think about getting a camera I totally recommend the Olympus mirrorless one that I bought. It’s smaller than a DSLR and it takes great pictures and the lenses are affordable and interchangeable with the Panasonic lenses.


Thanks, Rodknee. :kissing_heart:

Ahh, the cats. Since they’re not my cats, they just sit there and stare at me most of the time. They’re kind of boring, I know. But you know what they say, “practice, practice, practice” so that’s why I take pictures of them plus we have a contract ~ they model for me and I feed them or they model for me and I feed them ( which way is it??? :rofl:).


Yup, when I saw that “livlafluv59901” was following me I knew it was you! :grin:



I’m thinking of trying vintage lenses with my Olympus.
Have you done anything like that yet? Using vintage lenses on your DSLR?


I have. For me, it’s not worth the investment though as most are manual focus and I have shaky hands. I realize I could use a tripod or monopod but most of my pictures are spur of the moment. I don’t really set out to do a specific thing when I go “hunting”.