Song(s) Of The Day


I want to watch this Strand of Oaks. All band members from My Morning Jacket (except for Jim James) are the backing band on his new album. The bass and keyboard player are on this Colbert performance with Jason and Amanda. Like a super group!!


How about some Amanda Shires for the weekend?

And my nom de guerre:


Little know fact: my good friend produced the Strand of Oaks album HEAL. He said they sent the tape of the opening song (Goshen 97) to J Mascis to overdub a guitar lead, and told J to record leads for the intro and between two verses.

J sent back three takes. All he did was start ripping in the intro and played through the whole song. So they just used the bits that worked best.

But it’s a really good album.

EDIT–oddly enough, on wikipedia, my friend is listed as the producer of Pope KIlldragon. Weird. He did HEAL, and is listed in the album credits as such. Maybe he did both. Hmm.

Further edit–apparently he is listed in the credits with another person as producer, but wiki only has the other guy.


I was listening to this on repeat lately.


I’ve been listening to a song called ‘Jesus was a Scarecrow (Hanging on the Cross)’ a lot lately.

I wrote it.


How about you go away please.


One of those rare songs that when I sing along… I sing the backing vocals.



Rachel Baiman. Sounds like she can get away with even more pinko shit in a bluegrass song than Steve Earle.



that molly tuttle :wink:

darn good dude







On another note,


And then this makes me misty-eyed every time I see it:


Lots of love for WZ over here.