Song(s) Of The Day


Jason Isbell does it proud too, I think.


Agreed, his version on that Live From Welcome to 1979 is excellent!!


You’d have thought they might have tossed a writing credit to Mick Taylor here or there. Songs like that one, Moonlight Mile and others were mainly him creating most of the song - other than lyrics - but they are still listed as Jagger/Richards songs.






true story: played sticky fingers in my truck on the drive over to my now father-in-law’s house when i was going to ask him for his permission to marry his daughter. nervous as i’ve ever been or will be.

when i walked into his house he had sticky fingers playing on the CD player because he knew i loved the stones and he knew exactly why i was coming over.

we played tumbling dice when we were introduced at our wedding and got to see them with my now-wife last US tour. kinda came full circle.


Ms. Brenda singing You Got The Silver. :thumbsup:


Dead Flowers alt version. :thumbsup:


From way back when he was great.





yeah baby



Not available in my country :cry:


What?! Really???

Then how about this: